Just a few photos from the last week:
ZooZoo loves her K-9!
(a stuffed toy representing an actual police dog that works for Kingston Police.  His name is Knox.)

A new fabulous bedtime story to read!!
(review of  McGuffy Ann Morris' great new tale will follow soon.  In the  meantime you can find Ann at McGuffy's Reader.)

They LOVE this book.  I've already read it 436 times. 

Back to the weekly routine:
(I apologize for the photo quality -- I am hiding in a corner checking my email on iPhone..and dodging disapproving glances from other parents.    Ack - I took a picture, gimme a break.)

swim lessons.   first time for ZooZoo

I get asked quite frequently what we do with all this snow up here.
Um, same thing we do in the summer - Play!

not quite getting the Snow Angel thing...

ZooZoo's snowman

Hey Grandma: we found your garden lanterns!  also, oops!

Have a great day - check out others pics at Hilary's.


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