Happy Tuesday and welcome to the Chat!

Also, You Guys Are So Awesome!

11 of you  joined me for last weeks' Coffee Chat!!!

Which means the award for best and most loyal blog followers should most definitely go to all of you!

 From the Coffee Chat Sneak Peek Page:

"Have you ever won an Award?"

If not, feel free to pretend and write your acceptance speech.  Don't forget the little people!

This prompt came to me last week while I was watching the Golden Globes.    I had previously watched The People's Choice Awards.     Yes, I will probably also watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) and of course the biggie:  The Oscars.

Guess how many movies I have seen this year?
(not including those starring "you-know-who")

Um, that would be Zero.
Not to be confused with an actual, but unseen movie, Zero Dark Thirty

Magic Mike?   nope.   also,  WHY NOT GIRL?!!
Lincoln?    nope
SkyFall?  nope.
The Hobbit?   nope
Les Mis?   Nope. Nope.
Argo?   Again, nope.    totally rooting for Ben though!

Oh!  I did see The Hunger Games
Can't "unsee" it though.   *side eye*

I'm still catching up on great movies from 2 -3 years ago!    So why do I even bother watching these Award shows?    Aside from all the lovely dresses on the Red Carpet.  

Love the Red Carpet.    It definitely brings out the girlie-girl in me.

Rory's Best Dressed Awards

Well the simple truth is that even though I don't always get time to go see the latest movies: I love the movies.    I just love a good story.    Which is obviously completely related to the fact that I want to write a novel.    To add my own good story to the mix. 

But.......wouldn't it be just lovely if the rest of us received "Nominations" for doing great work at our day jobs?  
That we had the chance to dress up in our finery and our sparkles and drink expensive champagne while our peers pat us on the back.   Write fine speeches espousing our great talent and accomplishments.

No, most of us at best may get a nicely framed certificate to hung upon our office walls.
A lovely luncheon in our honour.

Then again, I have not made some franchise, like a kazillion dollars, just because my face was on the poster.   

Aside from the very nice fellow bloggers who were kind enough to pass along some very nice Blog Awards, I have only received 3 actual Awards in my entire life. 

All in either Elementary or High school.
Yep.....1985 -- That  WAS my big year folks.

Sportsmanship and Valedictorian!
 Yes, I know.
You are shocked I won a "talking" award. 

I was 1 point shy of also adding Athlete of the Year. 
14 years old and I ran the 100 metre sprint in 13 seconds flat.    A record for my county.....but one lousy point and I get Sportsmanship!   bah.
I may be missing the point.

Anyhoo.....the only other award I ever received....brace yourselves.....it's a shocker.

 Drama Award.

In high school I actually received a mark over 100% in my Theatre Arts class.    And won the Award.

From my high school year book, I proudly submit to The Academy for your consideration, scenes from the 1988 Production of "Joseph Andrews", starring yours truly:

I kissed this boy....and I kinda liked it!

So, Child Star and washed up at 19 years of age.
Staging a comeback at 42?

Look out Hollywood.

Will you be watching this Awards season.....or will you be accepting?

NEXT WEEK:   It's taken me 4 and 1/2 hours to write this post.  First, I was watching an award winning movie, Walk The Line; second, I couldn't get the images to scan from my yearbook; and finally, I kept forgetting I was making tea.   What Makes You Lose Track of Time?