A thought occurred to me while thinking about this Coffee Chat: I never ask anyone what is in their cup.

 As for myself, I am in love and talking sweetly to my Keurig these days and am most likely to be enjoying this while reading through your posts:

 So as an aside to this week's prompt ---  are you actually java'd up for the chat?

 From the Chat Sneak Peek Page:
 Tuesday, January 29,  2013
 "What makes you lose track of time? "
Show your work.  And by that I mean....I love to PIN

On average, how long does it take you to write a blog post?
A couple of minutes?   An hour?

As I mentioned last week, it took about 4 hours to write last weeks' chat.
Does that seem long to you?   It seems long to me.
And I am not optimistic about this weeks' post either.

Here's how it all breaks down:

First, I always check my email.    Just a few quick replies.  right?
But..they keep coming!    You think you're done.....but you're never done!

The most lovely and giving Tami at Pretty Purplexing did a most beautiful gesture on her blog.
I was one of the 10 who left comments and received a very thoughtful and wonderful gift from her.
Well, after a few UPS snafus.     Thank you so much my friend!

Someone requested a video of Jeremy Renner singing?
Oh...you know I am ON That request.   You are most welcome!

Check out your Grumpy Cat Pin?
Haha - of course, Yes!

But you can't complain, can you -- because it means People Like Me!
I must chat with All The People!

And of course within those emails are the blog comment notifications.   So you must reply to those.
I mean.....ignore your fans?   Unacceptable.

Of course, replying to comments also means you should visit their blog.   That's just polite.
And then I get all caught up in your fabulous creative spaces and.....There Goes The Time.

Must start Coffee Chat Post.....but you know, there was a Pinterest detour and that means you are now in the Linger  Zone.    Because I may actually make those felt food crafts, or coloured ice block molds, and bake all those crock pot recipes.    I won't even catalogue time spent day-dreaming over all the beautiful clothes, locations and shoes.... OMGosh....the shoes.   Hello lover.

Normally I reserve Pinterest browsing for those times when Left Brain is with the kids and I truly just have time to waste.  But oh.....it's siren call of look-at-all-this-fabulousness is hard to resist.   Did I mention all the shoes?

The other thing going on is that Left Brain and I had PVR'd this new show

So I am writing my post and watching Kevin Bacon chase down the bad guy.    A really bad guy.
On another note:   sleeping with all the lights on and Someone Hold Me Please.

Besides the fact that I may actually have some form of ADD...

 ...there is a little thing that happens every night that I like to call The Parade of the Minions.     One never really knows when the parade will begin -- but you can bet that you've probably no sooner popped some popcorn and opened a coke and a little head will appear, or the pitter patter of little feet, or.....Oh Lord, make the crying stop.

One never knows how long the parade will last, or just how many minions will be marching.   But you can bet that you will not likely have more than 20 minutes to 1/2 hour of uninterrupted evening time.  Oh yes.....cue the romance.   *side eye*

This night alone,  and just as we sat down with a snack to watch the show, Zoo Zoo fell out of her new big girl twin size bed.   We could hear the thud....pause....CRY.     Left Brain had to go digging in the scary place under the stairs to find the thing-a-ma-bob-bed-safety-bed-rail.   Since they share a room, this also woke up Angel Girl; who then had to pee.  It seemed only fitting since she had woken up ZooZoo 20 minutes prior to pee.
Then all was quiet.  Briefly.   Till we hear Monkey Boy's feet hit the floor and then the quiet steps only a stumbling half asleep 8 year old boy can do, across the hall to the bathroom.    I'd stop to ponder how it is that I can hear him pee all the way down in the basement and wonder if I should check the bathroom floor.    Which, Good News - I will get to do because the quiet shutting of his door that only a stumbling, pee-covered, 8 year old boy can do.....has woken up Angel Girl.   Who --  any guesses? - has wet her bed.   After 2 pees.   Also, guess who's awake and crying again - although at least from the safe confines of her big girl bed.    I cannot bear another rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider - did you know there are 4 verses total??  and send Left Brain to ZooZoo.

It is now almost 11 pm and we still have half of the Pilot episode and the entire new episode to watch.  Our nachos are little but stale tortilla chips and hardened cheese now.

But do we care?  Do we give up?
Heck to the no!

All is finally quiet and now..........we gotta a lot of time to make up ;)

Do you lose time too......or do you make good use of All The Hours?

NEXT WEEK:    The Last Song:  If there was only one song that you could listen to for the rest of your days; or, it was the Last Song you'd ever hear:  What Song Would You Play?  (Now, I don't mean song played at your funeral - that's kind of morbid for a chat -- let's stick with happy thoughts songs.)