Happy New Year and welcome to the first Coffee Chat of 2013!
I have missed you all, and am very happy to be back with a big cuppa joe and looking forward to chatting with y'all.

If your days are like mine :
"where did I put that box for all the lights?"
"where will I find space for all these new toys?";
"what will I do with all these toys we are getting rid of?" and,
"how many times - daily - can I watch Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy before Left Brain actually deletes it from the PVR?

ahem....anyhoo, your days are probably just as busy, and with more important things.  No doubt we are all likely still getting back to a normal eating routine after the holidays.  So let's get right to today's topic:

"In the coming year, I would like to....."

Complete the above statement as you will

Now I am not specifically meaning Resolutions - mainly because I personally don't make any.
If you read my most recent Listicles, you know I can quite accurately predict what will occur in 2013.

More of the same that occurred in 2012.   Pretty much, that's it.
Does that make me an anti-resolutionist?

I have no idea, but I do believe in setting GOALS.     Really, we should always have something to strive towards to keep life interesting, right?

I think it's always a good idea to set short time goals, in addition to perhaps at least one long-range goal.   And to be realistic.   No point saying you're going to try to lose 25 pounds if you still have that equivalent of Christmas baking around the house.

While I don't make "diet" goals - because really eating healthy should always be one of most important concerns - I do make "fitness" goals.    Thus my Short Term goal this year will be:

 I am not sure when I am going to start it - but I WILL start it.   And finish it.   My goal is strictly fitness:  no more of this "I hurt my back sledding with the kids" crap.   Nay, Nay.     If I lose a few pounds too - bonus.

Another Short Term goal will be to participate in some kind of Writing Challenge, much like the Poem A Day Challenge I survived completed this past Fall.    I don't know what kind of challenge, or obviously when, but my desire is to continue improving my writing so I will find something.

On that same theme, a Long Range Goal is to start the framework for that novel I want to publish one day.  I finally had an idea I LOVE firmly plant itself in my brain just before the holidays and I want to start writing some of it down before I lose the ideas.....and the inspiration.   To accomplish this, I guess I will have to commit to writing strictly on the novel for a certain number of hours each week.   Which might mean the blog will suffer somewhat.
But never fear ----- I am here to stay.  Consider that a Long Range goal also.

Another Long Range Goal - or dream I guess - that I would like to accomplish is to start playing a music instrument again.   If you are a frequent visitor, you know music is a big passion of mine - it's what MOVES me.   It sweeps away the dust of life.    I used to play guitar, piano, flute, trumpet and started learning the drums when I was younger; but all that has faded away.   Since I have both a keyboard and a guitar in the house, that's probably a good place to start.

although, eventually I would prefer a guitar that doesn't look like this:

Other than that, I just want to continue to focus on my family, friends (that includes you!) and Faith.  My time as a Stay at Home Mom is quickly coming to an end, and I want to make the most of the time I have left.     This staying home with kids journey has been a tough road at times, and when it is all said and done, I want to be able to say that I used my time wisely.    That my time at home counted.

And that fits in rather nicely with my Lifetime goal of Just Trying To Matter.

What will matter to you in 2013?

Next Week:  As per the new Coffee Chat Sneak Peek page that you can find HERE, next week's topic is: "At the end of the day my favourite thing to do is......."