A many splendored thing.
A battlefield.

A fair description of the inner battle of self worth many of us likely face?

This Week's prompt: Love thyself
Do you love yourself?

I am certain that this post could ponder upon all the data collected regarding nature vs. nurture; are we are a product of our environment - victim to it?    I could talk about the importance of a child's first 5 years and how those experiences effect their future development.   Naturally, the importance of strong family foundation/unit should be discussed.

Uh, okay.
Let's see how I stack up against all that.

1.  Parents divorced before age 2.   check
2.  No paternal contact.  Ever.  check
3.  Financial struggles of a single working mom.  check.
4.  grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. literally.  check.
5.  bullied.  check. check. check.
6.  mom divorced from step father during teen years.  check

 hhhmmmm......I'm not doing so well.   Statistically speaking.

Well, naturally, there were other presences in my life not mentioned above.

1.  Strong, loving basically amazing -  mom
2.  loving, supportive extended family
3.  faith.

All very good.   But enough to change the tide?   To alter a young girls course in life?
Gosh, I should  hope so.   Excuses don't really stack up against those blessings.

However, I also know that Time and Chance happens to us all.   Though it certainly helps to have some good, strong people in your corner.    But at some point, you just have to make your own decisions about what kind of life you want to live.   You can let all the stuff that came before hold you back, can break on through to the other side.

It's a choice I made.

Besides, I am a very firm believer in a little rule.....

.....and how can you do that, if you don't even love yourself?