It cannot be Monday again already.
World: Just you slow down a bit.   M'Kay?

Anyone else feeling very lazy and unmotivated as January draws to a close?   
I finished 2012 and started 2013 with such a bang.   I really did accomplish quite a bit of my To Do list.
Now:  I actually just walked past a broken Shreddie's cereal piece on the floor -- And Left It There!!

I believe that is called DefCon 3 people.

So need to panic.
Just yet.

Thus, today's post is brought to you by:
Single Serve?

Next week the mission, should you chose to accept it, is to list 10 THINGS IN YOUR CLOSET. Anything goes. If you are brave, post photos too. Promise not to call fashion police on you. Let me see those yoga pants baby!!

Hmmm....if there is cereal on my kitchen floor and I am face down in a pint of Ben & Jerry's: are you sure you wanna peek in my closets?

Best enter Stealth Mode people!

1.   This represents Left Brain's side of the closet.   Which we still have yet to re-do.  I make it a point not to wander to this side.  Or....basically look.   Although it does not seem so bad right now.   But honestly - the man wears a uniform most of the time so how hard could it be to keep it neat?

2.  I have the wardrobe to the left.   3 doors, 2 drawers.   If you're thinking I have more space - you'd be right.   If you're thinking that is unfair:  you'd be wrong.

3.  We have terrible lighting in our bedroom -- well, terrible for getting dressed but perfect for getting   Let's open a door shall we?

Fancy "no place to wear em" shoes
 4.  And right above the fancy shoes:

Fancy "no place to take it" purse
5.   Inside the other 2 doors hang most of my clothes.    

That was the most boring line I've ever written.

6.   However, below said boring, hanging clothes you might find interesting items if you look close enough:

Yes, Yes.   That is some scented dusting powder from Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats Line.
There is also one from La Senza underneath.

People.....I know this looks really bad - especially given that it is beside a red fringed scarf, but I swear to you:   It's Pixie Dust.

If you have young daughters, you'll understand.

7.    Because I have children, I need inventive places to hide things I don't want to share:

Hidden inside a pair of jeans.  Which is ironic since it all will go directly to my a$$.

8.   If you are the snooping undercover type, you will find the bait and tackle in the first drawer:

It is important to note that since all are accounted for in the know I am very comfortable writing this post.

9.   Now if you continue to snoop around my doors and drawers, and go through my clothes, you are eventually going to find something that will cause a Sudden Stop:

Whoops.  Feel Lucky Punk?
10.    And if that doesn't make you run, Left Brain's "tools" laying on the floor of the closet probably will.

fighting sticks and a machete.
Is the action hero obsession starting to make sense now?
I live with frickin Rambo, Ethan Hunt, and Jason Bourne all rolled into one.

Hence the Bond Girl Bras and sparkle dust:  a girl's gotta play her part you know.

That oughta make up for all the recent Jeremy Renner pics.
In fact, he may owe me one.
Marriage, like closet space,  can be tricky like that folks.