Good morning and welcome to Tuesday Coffee Chat.

10 awesome bloggers linked up last week -- I do believe that is the highest to date, so Thank You.
I often wonder just how big I'd like this chat to grow, and yet; I do so love visiting each and every post to read your thoughts.   

Before I get to this week's topic, the minions are all riled up again over another sin of omission.
Remember this mutiny?

I should just stay away from movie topics, but then I always obey the Listmaster.   (Mondays are hard enough and so much could already go wrong anyway, right?)
You'd think I'd learn. 
I pleaded.... but, but....the cool Hawkeye stunt??
I pointed out the Sam/Frodo's #1!  Look! 

If Harry ain't there.  Revolt is inevitable.

Let's just get this over with and I'll try to make it as painless as possible.

I am beginning to wonder just who it is that is actually stalking my blog.  *eye roll*

From the Coffee Chat Sneak Peek page:
Tuesday, January 15,  2013 topic will be:
 "At the end of the day, my favourite thing to do is......"

This is a kind of a trick question for me.    I can tell you what I like to do at the end of the day.   But my reality is that I never get to actually do what I like.
I guess it depends on how you interpret "end of the day".  

If you mean after work is done..... *snort* 
I'm sorry,  that was probably rude.   But honestly, I am a Stay at Home Mom to 3 children.   The work is never really done.

5 O'clock just ain't quitting time around here.   And there is no leisurely glass of wine sipping during supper prep to ease into your evening.

It's trying to keep a toddler occupied and not trip over the chair she has dragged in front of the stove to "help."  
It's trying to keep eyes on both the sight word recitation of middle child and the veggies your chopping.
It's the nightly "just do your homework or I take All The LEGO!!!" discussion with eldest.

On good nights, a kitchen dance party may erupt and that can be fun.   If you like Call Me Maybe on repeat.   It's taken years to finally get them to understand: let mama listen to her own music or else Mama Gonna Knock U Out!

Way, way back when music spun on a table..... OK, maybe not that long ago, but it surely seems like a galaxy far, far away; I had a completely different end of day routine.

First, and I feel if we are all being honest ladies:

Really, about 10 seconds after closing the front door, the goal is to basically look as publicly unacceptable as possible.  (that may also be a current goal.)

In my defense, in those days, I was in fact just returning from about 2 hours at the gym.   (Although if someone could explain to me.....and my ass, why those bright blue PINK ratty track pants still fit long after the gym trips have ended;  that'd be swell.   And no, it doesn't mean I will get rid of them.  Did you not hear?  They fit!)

Back then, the choice was mine.  Stay in and veg in front of the TV until bed, go out to see a movie with friends, a date......whatever.
Now:  1 out of 3 ain't bad, right?

However, I accept this as part of the Mama Do It All job description, and also marrying a shift worker.    I did after all get to sleep in until 11 am this morning as Left Brain was home.   So I guess, it all comes back around eventually.

And really -- why do us moms make the sacrifice of foregoing gym time, smooth jazz/moody blues blaring in the kitchen, and a glass of something bold and red while dinner's cooking?

It's fairly simple.   End of day for me is actually a two-parter.
Stage 1 is when after all the crazy chaos of home from school and dinner cooking:  we all sit together at the table.   LOVE.

Love family time at the dinner table.   It's can also be crazy, chaotic and so so loud. 
ZooZoo will throw something on the floor, Angel Girl will choke on her drink,  Monkey Boy will finish his meal in 12.8 seconds and be going for dessert before I have even sat down most nights.  Ok.  All the nights.
We are together.   We talk.  We laugh. 
Someone will whine about the meal.
Something will come out of some one's nose at some point.
Someone will fart.   It will echo on the wood dining chairs.   I will pretend to be shocked.
Someone will burp.   Again. Me. Shocked.

And then I am supposed to say, "there will be no crying, whining, laughing, burping, farting or annoying noises......"

And then we all laugh and yes...the annoying noises commence.

Good times?

Some nights.   But I view it as an overall investment into the future.   Hopefully all the hard work will pay off and all these early "discussions" at the dinner table will be pay off for those teen moody angst filled years.

Now, as for Stage 2.   That is after bath and bed for the kiddos.
If Left Brain is working, the time is mine -- as long as the minions stay asleep.   I can blog, watch TV or a movie, read a book, take a bath, or.....just go to sleep.  (rarely chosen.  Did you see that list of fun me time things?)

If Left Brain is home.....Stage 2 looks slightly different.
And I won't be talking about here  ;)
bow chica bow
The day is done.......whatcha gonna do?

NEXT WEEK:    Me time while Left Brain was working the other night was spent watching the Golden Globes.  I am not sure why I continue watching these movie Awards shows when I rarely go to the movies anymore and only see half of what is playing.   Sure it might have had something to do with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting.  So my question to you is:  Have you ever received an Award for Something?   If not, pretend you have and write your acceptance speech. Don't pull a Baffleck and leave out someone important in your Thank You's.