One of the things I am most happy to see in my children is that they LOVE books.

Normally they are almost bouncing off the walls - I seriously do not know where all their energy comes from. But if you want them to calm down and sit: pick up a book.

We have quite a few books, but it is the one thing I never mind receiving more of, so I was thrilled when I learned that McGuffy Ann Morris had a new children's book available.

Angel Girl snatched the book out of my hands no sooner did I have it out of the package, and settled herself, her little sister and their favourite stuffed lovies on the couch:  and waited.

Notice patiently is missing from that sentence.

The cover art was so intriguing even this mom couldn't wait to read the tale -- and the story inside didn't disappoint either.   It is short and in rhyme form so very easy to read.   Even after the 200th time.  LOL
Angel Girl is just starting to read by herself and she was able to locate quite a few of her "sight words" from Kindergarten.   And the rhyme form meant she also had it memorized in 2 days.  So she now recites it for ZooZoo; upon demand.    Welcome to my world kiddo!

However, this just shows how much the kids loved this story.  Even Monkey Boy at 8 years old, and who I thought would be too old, comes and sits to read it.   The monster isn't scary at all.   Zoo Zoo loved the little black cat in the story.   Their imaginations were sparked!

They have all taken to stealing my emergency flashlights, turning out all the lights.....and going to search out the monster in their closets and under their beds.    No screams....just lots of laughter.

Which means:  A+ from this mom reviewer.
You can find her book and my review on Amazon HERE.

McGuffy Ann Morris also has a poetry book entitled Weeds available which I also purchased for myself.   A review will also follow in due time.   You can find it HERE.

*I received no compensation for this review.  I simply love McGuffy and was thrilled to support another talented blogger/writer in her pursuits; while also adding another great book to my home library.*