I am feeling much better today.
Thank you kindly for all your well wishes.

A good friend dropped by for a real life Coffee Chat yesterday and proceeded to nap the afternoon away upon my couch.   While I fed and watched our children.

Now hold on....you might be thinking Well, how rude.
But honestly, it's no problem.   Good friends should be able to be so relaxed.
Plus......she is way, way sicker than I.
And just like a good friend should......that made me feel so much better. 

That....and also multiple viewings of the Hugh Grant dance scene to "Jump (for my Love)" in the movie Love Actually.

Also, Colin Firth completely wet and "Oh god....and she's in."

Seriously, make watching it your new holiday tradition.  

Here's recent pictures from my other favourite Christmas tradition:

Having a jolly HAY time at the Tree Farm

I love this place......and THAT place by the fire.

And finally after much sawing (how's the shoulder Left Brain?), much untangling of lights, one power outage in the middle of putting on the lights; one trip to the store to buy 2 new strands of lights.......and then the frenzied trimming (most of the frenzy courtesy of 3 yr old ZooZoo)....we finally had our Christmas Tree:

adore this snowman ornament from my mom

Love, actually.

Go check out Hilary -- I think she's building a castle.