I won a contest!!
It's a true Christmas miracle!

And since this is the season of giving, I passed the item along to my girls.

Meet Wellington, our Scentsy Buddy, courtesy of my awesome and inspiring friend Beth over at Masterpiece:

not sure though -- he almost looks like Grumpy Duck here..??

 Or as the girls have aptly named him "Smellington" - or Smelly for short.

Because well, he is -- smelly that is.   But in a totally good way.   Since he is stuffed with a Festival of Trees scents pak. (White Cedar and Musk with a whisper of Citrus), and thus my upstairs smells as good as my downstairs; where the real live Christmas tree resides.

They love Smelly and I can't blame them, he is super, super soft.   And cuddly.   He watched Love Actually with me the other night.  Don't worry: I shielded his eyes at some of the naughty parts.

Isn't he adorable?   Thanks so much Beth for your contest!
If anyone is interested in Scentsy products - go here.

Parting shot:   warning: cute girls in Christmas dresses!!

Angel Girl and ZooZoo in their holiday colours -- plus 2 masked friends

And I am told I MUST tell you:   Yes!  they twirl.
that's important apparently.

This is not a sponsored post in any way -- we just lurv him so much and I wanted to express my thanks to dear Beth.