If you've been a long time follower, you might recall that I mentioned we were renovating our downstairs shower.

um, 2 and half years ago.

So if you are either new, or require a refresher.....Go-See Here.

Anyway, my shower is still not tiled - thanks to a little error in the pricing of those fancy blue glass tiles that I wanted.   Turns out I have champagne taste.....and a beer budget.

But Left Brain decided it was just as well, since he had made an error in the shower head measurements when cutting the drywall.

hmmmm, I's a girl, so I don't know....is that English??
Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words:

Left Brain attempts to explain all those pencil markings on the drywall, but they're all Greek to me.   Suffice to say the cut out for the shower head is all wrong.   We must Do.It.Right
I don't see why it matters since the tile is only going to cover it up anyway.  I mean, what difference does the size or shape.....

....and then I look closer and I can't help but conclude:

I mean, I'm no plumbing expert, but it certainly looks right to me.

Darnitall.   It's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday......and I got at least 1,000 words for that picture.

And technically, I didn't draw a penis shape....I traced.
Send any "shocking self-portrait really" emails to Left Brain.

Have a cheeky Wednesday!