Hello and Fa La La La La, La La La La.....

Welcome, and holy cow.....I actually had to use my fingers to count the "la's".
that's happened to you too, right? 

Note to self, stick with Jingle Bells next time.

Moving On.

Welcome to the weekly Coffee Chat!
Where the coffee is always hot and the hostess might be wearing pants!

Seriously, I got the fireplace on, so it's not a given this time of the year.

You might have noticed that I've dressed the banner girls up for the holidays, and did a little festive decorating.   Not too much; just enough to let you know that indeed, the most wonderful time of the year has in fact arrived.

Share your favourite holiday tradition. It can be one from your childhood, or one you started with your own family; or both!

My house is also suitably attired in garland, greenery,  my favourite Nativity scene,  candles, and some other homemade treasures that may or not be snowmen, reindeer, or the Jolly Man himself --- if only I could see through all the glue.  Also, glitter.    Totally a colour!  

The lights are (still) up on the rooftop and trees;  except now they light up the night as per the set timer.   We do try to be "green" in our Christmas traditions too.

I have found my Christmas music CD's, but I have not yet actually played a Christmas song.
Okay one.  or two.  Fine, three.   You can find them in my Monday's Music Moves Me post. 

So let's see:  decorations, lights, live greenery, candles, crafts, music - I even made some shortbread cookies today.  We had some company over for coffee, scones and warm cookies, so the visiting has also begun.   Now......what is missing?

I'll give you a hint:

yeah, I know....I'm awesome at hint giving.

The Tree. 

Chatters:  meet the incredible Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm.
The site of each annual Time Out Family Christmas tree hunt.    I love this place.    Look at that building and that fireplace.  I want to bring a sleeping bag and hibernate here.  Or make some gingerbread cookies in the huge country kitchen. 

This is definitely one of my most favourite Christmas traditions.   Second only to the big family get together we do on Christmas Day.    It's an amazing day of fun for the whole family. 
Take a horse drawn wagon (or tractor if no snow) ride out to the fields -- don't forget your axe or saw!   Some rather intense negotiations might follow regarding picking the best tree.    I won't lie.....sometimes a snowball fight determines the win. 

Left Brain and Monkey Boy do the chopping and sawing honours.  The staff are so great and will wrap and roll that evergreen (or Balsam fir in our case) beauty up tight for you.  Left Brain gets the chore of securing it to the van -- being Left Brain'd and all.   I have learned not to supervise such activity - nothing screams Holiday Season like parking lot domestic disputes!   So I take the kids to the sledding hill.   There's usually a big outdoor bonfire too.   If there is no snow - a rarity - then we go inside for hot chocolate and home-made cookies by the fireplace.

Then it's back home for a special dinner, while the tree spends some time in the garage to allow the branches to settle.   Then it comes inside to it's special holiday home and the decorating begins.   A fire will be glowing, Christmas music rolling.....and more than likely, wine will be flowing for the grown ups. 

Since we have not had our tree outing yet, sadly, I cannot show you a picture today. 
One from last year will have to suffice.

It's worth it.....as I caught a very special visitor on that magical night:

I cannot wait!!
I'm feeling rather Ed Grimley-ish -  and can't believe I am actually wishing for more of the white stuff so that the wagon is pulled by the Clydes, and the kids can sled.

There is nothing better at the end of the day,  for a tired mom who's To Do list during the holidays is almost as long as Saint Nick's -- than sitting down by a beautiful Christmas tree with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to sugar plum land. 

Do you have a tradition that makes the holidays extra special?

NEXT WEEK:   Hostest With The Mostest!  With the holiday season upon us, the time for spreading cheer is here.   It's more than likely that many of us will either be attending holiday parties, or hosting one ourselves.   Share your tried and true holiday appetizer, your go-to festive cocktail/mocktail, the best hostess gift you gave or received....or even the worst.  Let's Party!