We are having a very lovely Christmas vacation at my mom's house.

It's a good thing we love Grandma's house, because it has been extended due to this:


Yes, yes we do travel on skis and via snow sled with the kids.   Absolutely.

However, since our skis and sleds happen to be back home, our return home travel has been suspended until the storm subsides.

No worries; don't send help.    We got toys!  
Also, the infamous Grasshopper made an appearance early today.

Since I am just taking a short wine break from visiting company, eating caramel cheesecake, and intense discussions about "common sense" during equally intense games of Skip-Bo;  here's our week in pictures.

moms's tree....sssshh, it's not real. don't tell the kids.

her tree is so pretty.  Look....not a single Disney Princess or Buzz Lightyear.

All ready for Christmas Eve dinner!

singing by the fireplace on Christmas day at aunt's farm

Sorry, I did not have my iPhone on me for the hilarious cat chase fun that occurred in the barn earlier.  Or the sled being pulled behind the snowmobile because YES - that is how we do it in the country.

But I did manage to hold both my Grasshopper and the phone to get these shots, through a window, of the snowed in fun!

And yes.   I did go out and join them.   After I finished the drink.
I AM the Queen of Snow Mountain after all.


P.S.   My 3rd article has now been published on The Huffington Post - a lovely Christmas present indeed.  It was a re-worked Pondering Post and you can find it HERE.