Normally this is mom's Time out day and you only rarely find me lurking about the blogosphere.

Well, today I find myself in a forced time out.   Between the coughing, shivering and the sweats -- I am hopeful that it will only be the of the 24 hour malady.
That's right - mama is getting a rare sick day.   Too bad I am actually sick..

Thus I find myself abed, laptop actually upon lap and available to ponder.

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This Week's prompt: Loss

Well, I could talk about a lot of losses today.

I could hold a contest solely based on the number of times I have lost my car keys in the black hole abyss that is my purse.   Seriously, closest one to the number gets a free puppy!

I could discuss, like our dear host Brenda, the loss of family - or specifically, a father.   The effects of a divorce is a ripple that never reaches the distant shore.  It just keeps going and growing.    The absence of a father for a young girl is a loss that reaches far into your future.  

I could talk about the assassination of John Lennon, since that is the first time I can recall of someone really important dying.

I could discuss the first time I faced the death of one of my peers, when a boy I was close to in high school was hit by a train and killed instantly.  Was he trying to beat that train and tragically miscalculated his jump?  Or did he purposely jump in front of that train?  Only he will ever know.

I could also talk about all the loss I have witnessed first hand, thanks to working in a prison.  Despite what your TV may suggest:  there is no glamour in death.  Especially when someone dies via hanging, is stabbed or shot to death, or cuts their own throat.   Some crime scene pictures I have seen can never be erased from my mind.   Harsh imagery, I am sorry...but it's the loss I have witnessed.   There is no dignity in violent death.

Or, I could talk about my dear beloved late grandmother.  Oh, how I miss her smile.  And her home-made buns.  Also, blueberry pie!  And sitting with her in front of that big window watching the birds at the feeder and the horses in the paddock.  What a legacy she left behind.  Her passing is sad, but also bittersweet.   She lived a long and happy life and I suppose her body was just plain tired and worn out.   She undoubtedly missed my grandfather too. (and likely had many questions for grandpa, who shot himself out back by the woodpile.  a most desperate and out of character act that many of us suspect can be attributed to the medication he was taking after a bad injury and illness.)   They were married over 60 years!  Imagine that in today's world.

Which leads me to the greatest loss I can think of today:


That's right: our loss of humanity.
Oh, what this world throws away -- is astounding.

Broken marriage?   end it.
Unwanted baby?  kill it
ruined friendship?  walk away
not enjoying your work?  find a new job
Discard, discard, discard.

Yes, granted - I do know some situations require a necessary change.  No one expects someone to remain in an abusive marriage, or in workplace harassment situation.   I am referring to that restless nature within us that whispers "move on" because it feels we've been standing still too long.  Or that it is easier to walk away....then stand and fight for something; or someone. 

Out with the old, in with the newest and improved.   And our landfills get higher and higher.
As does our need to continue seeking fulfillment via Almighty Stuff.    But it will never be enough to satisfy us, or to fill up all those empty spaces.   There will always be Version 10 that just might do the trick.....

If I listen to the news, or read the paper, I see a world in crisis.   

A world where the price of gold, or "black gold", holds more value, than that of human life.
Where we call ourselves a civilized race, yet we are capable of such unspeakable atrocities against one another.    Even those of us with a  measure of compassion and goodness can still turn a blind eye to the horrors committed by others.
How many know, or care, that a booming child sex slavery industry unfolds a world away in Mumbai's infamous "Street of Cages?"   It seems so far removed from our perfectly ordered world where such things are not discussed.   Is is really just about location, location, location -- or have we not abandoned and failed those children also?  Who will speak for them; let alone save them? 

We capitalize on the frailty, weaknesses and downward spirals of other human beings; and call it "reality entertainment."   We bemoan the tragedies that befall us on any given day: the long line at Starbuck's, the crowded commuter train where we must stand All The Way, or Drat! Instagram is down again and how will I share this picture of my delicious lunch?   Our First World Problems.  Is it really just all about Cashing In?

And somewhere, in a refugee camp in a land ravaged by war, a young girl goes to collect the water and firewood necessary for her family's survival; with the full knowledge that in going, she will likely be raped and beaten.  Again.   She knows they lie in wait, and still she goes.  But her face is invisible to us as we tip our own cool convenience of bottled water.  Adjust our thermostat.   Does that girl receive comfort from her tragic circumstances by the warm glow of the very fire she provided, at so great a personal cost?   

This is the time of year when we consider the notion of Peace and Goodwill To Men, but we can never bring Peace to this world under our current coma of contentedness.   We sing songs trumpeting the message to just give Peace a chance.   But how can we unleash something into the global world, that we cannot even find within ourselves?   What kind of chance can Peace have in a world that shows evidence of a overwhelming sense of hopelessness?  

In this modern world, we have gained so much.   Certainly there are things we can be proud of.  But for all the progressive successes, we have lost so much more.   Indeed, one or even a few good souls (and I do know you are out there) cannot cease the horrors of this world on their own.   How does one overcome the greedy lust of a spoiled populace, and induce a global change of heart?

For until our collective compassion, empathy and basic kindness outweighs our greed, I fear that we will be doomed to wander forever; at a loss.