Last day of my Poetry challenge!

I don't care how many coolness points I lose:   Woot! Woot!

I am glad that I participated.  I am so glad that it also gave me the opportunity to read the work of some really, amazing and talented poets.   That has been incredible.  And inspiring.  And rewarding.

It has opened up a whole other creative side that often gets ignored in the hustle and bustle of life.

However, it also meant that I had very little time left to read the blogs I follow.
Or sleep.
That's been sucky.

It also left me a little...oh, how shall I put it??
I've alternated between running around like a Mad Hatter; and then forgetting why I am running around like a Mad Hatter.  
Or, getting things done around the house like someone switched my vitamins with some kind of domestic speed that results in an overwhelming need to Do.All.The.Pins!!!   

But hey.....we built a closet!
I will show you the other Pinterest creations in a later post.

Where was I now?

Oh yes -- Day 30.     THE FINALE!
(Day 29  can be found HERE.)

Today’s prompt comes from Violet Nesdoly.
Here’s Violet’s prompt: Write a milk poem. This could be about the moo-juice kind of milk. Or it could explore milk metaphorically, as in the expression “milk of human kindness.” Of course it could also be about the act of milking something. And no, it doesn’t have to be nourishing.

This is what immediately came to mind:


Looks easy enough, right?

 Crying O'er Spilt Milk

the posters are stapled
everywhere around the ward
"Breast is Best!" they proclaim;
and with hands absently rubbing
o'er my own swollen abdomen
I slowly nod, while gazing
upon mom and wee babe
snuggled close - bonding
and I want that with a 
desperation that drips from my pores
the mom, so calm, serene; aglow
and the wide mouth'd babe
contentedly suckling, while
one tiny fist grasps her long hair
sweetest thing I ever saw
I can feel my own glow from within
Soon - I pat my belly,
that will be us little one
It looked so easy!
Each poster a dreamy depiction
of nursing bliss.
How was I to know?
That the first time your jaw clenched
would rocket me out of that expensive rocker
like a cat whose tails' alit
Or that nipples could crack and bleed?
No, No...not on the posters
nor did "engorgement" ever appear
No grit-toothed moms,
or screaming, flailing babes
struggling to latch while
hunger gnaws their little tummies
It would have been nice to mention
that breasts might leak 
at the sound of a babe's cry,
or while dancing off those pounds,
or even in the shower.
and other embarrassing, intimate moments
Yet, still I persisted
through pain, tears and milk-soaked bras
the constant questioning of myself
But when I finally relaxed and let
that picture perfect poster go....
we settled in, you and I
and I passed life into you once more
that nourishing bond was set
and rocking gently in the quiet night
I serenely smiled; watching
you sleepily drink your fill.

Anyone else have breastfeeding experience not quite like the posters depict?

I have 3 children, and all 3 have received my breast milk -- but each time has been different.  The firstborn and I; we struggled for a time.  Angel Girl never got the hang of it; I had to pump for 10 months!  And ZooZoo; well, 3rd time was the charm.  So easy.

So, while I do think "Breast is Best", I totally, completely understand it is not easy for everyone.  I will still fist pump you if you cannot, or do not want to, breastfeed.   Just - feed the baby!