If you have been reading lately, you know I have been feeling a bit under the weather this past weekend.

So of course; I went to hubby's office party Friday night (till 3:30 am); cleaned my house and hosted a get together Saturday night; went to church Sunday morning AND then spent the rest of the day outside in a field running through a hay maze, while Left Brain sprawled on the cold earth fervently working a saw.
Hey - we got a tree! 

I suppose that is what you would normally consider a successful weekend by any standard.

And I do admit -- there's nothing like blogging by a fire with the fresh, new scent of pine in the house.

Except, I can't really smell the evergreen-yet-to-be-decorated in festive lights and bulbs because if I had to stand up and hang something, I am likely to turn a similar shade of green myself.

Which leads me to thinking about this post:  today's Listicle is supposed to be about Food.
Anything food she says? You’re on girl!

Um, no.   Just no.
I am sorry:  I cannot even think about, or look at food right now.

Naturally, I thus present you with the first ever

Monday Listicles Holiday Drinking Game
(because, why not - I'm already ill?)

1.   Of course, we need a drink for this endeavour, thus continuing with the green theme, I suggest  The Grasshopper:


Ready?   Onward me hearties!

2.    Every time your spell check suggests "testicles" for Listicles:   take 2 drinks

3.    Whenever someone says "List Master", participants take 1 drink.   Stasha, you get two drinks!

4.  If you picked the testicle Listicle prompt:  Yay for you! Take 3 drinks.  Everyone else gets one.

5.  If you posted a picture of an ugly Christmas sweater - first, Thanks for that!   Take 1 drink.

 6.  Anyone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater -- for shame my friend - CHUG.

7.   When a familys' Elf does something naughty.  Take A Drink.
       Check out this site.....  that should get you thoroughly sloshed.
8.   Inappropriate use of Santa Hat?   Penalty!!  Do a shot.
      Whatzthat?  You need an example?   Fine -- See Here...but don't say I didn't warn you.

9.   If you hear a mom say, "No Way!  You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"  Take a drink, then invite her to    join the game.

10.   Every time a bell rings.....That's Right -- you take a drink!
Also, I would like to put the motion forward that each time a blog joins the testicle Listicle - a bell should ring.
All in favour? 

And if you are keeping track, I've mentioned "Listicle" 5 times in this post.
Congratulations!  You should be done your first Grasshopper.

But remember now --  Blog Responsibly!