Welcome to the first Monday in December!!
Yes, I said December; it's already here.

I know this because my children tell me every morning. 

And then ZooZoo asks "is this the day Santa comes?"
(yes, the same child that has cried in absolute terror each year we have dutifully brought her to Santa.)

Thankfully, grandma is very much into the Advent Calendar tradition, and thus I can just tell them to go consult their calendars -- and get 5 more minutes of shut eye.

And my mom doesn't go half-way: these are the Rock Stars of Advent Calendars.   Check them out:

What a minute.  This is my blog....isn't it?
This is supposed to be About Me.

I am kind of a big deal  around here.

Yes, yes -- that is my new Sarcastilistic font.

You know who else gets what they ask for?
My favourite List Master. 

This week’s list had me in panic, I am not one to talk about how amazing I am. I do like a challenge, thank you very much Mrs.M from The Bonny Bard, so I was eager to face it. Funny enough, I was surprised how easy it was for me to write it and a good reminder to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate the greatness that is us! I am curious to see your 10 REASONS I AM GREAT.

1.   I can bust a rhyme.   Even an Entire Months' worth.  (click the link if you are in a prose mood.)

2.   Pinning?  I'm Winning!!

Dyed Mason Jars

Yarn Letters (thanks to Tried, Tested and True Mommy)

3.   Yes, it is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.   But as per my chat topic last week...  I did manage not to drag out all the Christmas decorations and turn the house into the North Pole prior to December 1st. 

4.   Despite getting None of the Patience, I have yet to actually throat punch anyone on a daily basis.  And I have learned the secret all on my own:  No 12 Step Program required, just much deep breathing and....

6.   I am not afraid of hard work.  Closet renovation? check.   Organize beneath the stairs? check.  organize and clean out storage room? check.  Redo master bedroom closet? check.  Decorate inside and outside of the house, also Blog home - for the holidays.  check.
That's the past 2 weeks.

Imma gonna have a wee nap, 'kay?

7.  Never mind.  Can't sleep.  see #5 

8.   I always see the funny side of life.

9.   Yet, I've also seen quite a bit of the nastier side of life.  But no matter how unworthy a person may appear, I believe no one -- not one soul, is worthless.

10.  I know I usually bring the funny lists, but tonight - I've cried three times.   What can I say, but plead my case:  It's A Wonderful Life,  a sappy Christmas carol, and the latest episode of Once Upon A Time have all left their sentimental stamp on my heart.

And that's fine by me, because you know:  All rhyming, pinning, working, java-swilling, LOLing -- and no heart; would make  Rory a dull girl.

How awesome art thou?