Congratulations everybody!   We made it!

In a year that was full of many historical events, perhaps is it THE event that didn't happen that we may celebrate the most.   December 21, 2012 came and went: and we remain to carry on.

A look back:
  • February 6th, 2012 marked the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne - and kicks off a year long celebration of events in her Majesty's Honour.
  •  but honestly - let's just admit it:  we were much more interested in these Oh, Your Highness!!! moments.

  • July 27- August 12 the summer Olympics take place in London.

  • many elections around the world:  France (April 22), Mexican General Election (July 1st),  Egyptian presidential election (winner announced June 24th),  and of course Obama won his 2nd term in the USA Presidential elections: resulting in the biggest tweet of 2012:
  • Facebook went public. Expectations did not meet reality.   "Dislike."
  • this past year witnessed several tragic events as well:  the movie theaters and our schools feel a little less safe, as do cruise ships (apparently the Captain does not always go down with the ship); and Nature showed she is both beautiful and terrifying

  • Memes galore!!


  •   12-12-12   Hope you enjoyed that.   Last.Time.Ever

So Left Brain and I are actually having our Christmas and New Year's Eve tonight, since he had to work over Christmas.    I've got the wine, the brie, the french bread.....a pear  (no seriously, it's delicious with the brie cheese), and he's got a treat.
I'm really hoping that means something chocolate.   *side eye*

Not sure it will be cuddling by the fire with a good movie, or an intense game of pursuit that will invariably end with someone saying, "You sunk my battleship!"

I'll leave you to figure that one out.
Happy New Year all!