I have no words.
Yet I have so many.

Many will cry out to a God they feel has abandoned us, in these our darkest times.
Many will ask why, why, why?

I ask, Why Not?

Did we not think that one day the daily dice we cast - weighing all the odds of wants and rights, personal liberties and the protection of a lost ideal against all that money in some one's pockets - would one day yield a return of our worst fears?   We've gambled so much.  Played the odds for too long.

For what does it say about our world, when we can no longer protect the most innocent and precious among us?   

Are the Founding Fathers looking down on us right now and shaking their heads:

"Um, that's not what we meant."

I no longer have faith in our ability to turn the tide.    I no longer believe in the moral strength of man - for it seems a most flexible code.    We have failed: for how could we go back and reclaim what we've lost.   Nobody likes change, and we've grown so used to our familiar comforts.

20 little coffins.
Just how comfortable are we?

Don't give up Hope you say?
Nay, I have not given up hope.   Never that.
For my hope does not rest upon the things of this world.
And I know, all of this has been foretold.

But very few of us will read those words, and less will take them to heart.  Soon another headline will see our tears once again flowing, our still raw hearts further broken: just one more dent to already crushed spirits; but we'll limp along.  And our pretty words will once more bleed onto pages already blotted with tears.

Have we had enough?
Is it time to say "when?"

It is for me.
Enough world.  Just Stop -- I'd like to get off now.

But no,  I will still be here.   Waiting.

Waiting for when the world thinks it Is In Fact Time to talk about better gun control laws.
Or, how about we just get All The Guns.
20 little coffins.  Shame on you NRA.

Waiting for that new discussion about returning prayer to our schools.   Because, let me see if I understand:  you found it offensive to have God there in the first place; but now you ask why He did not stop a madman who freely entered with evil intent in his heart?

First Amendment -- you need amending.
No wait; you already protect Freedom of Religion -- what we lack is the courage to reclaim our birthright.

The coffers of  America.
The coffins in Connecticut.

Our choices have a way of coming back to haunt us.
But is it Enough?  Are we ready to make different choices now?

Tonight, we hug our children a little tighter and hold them a little closer.  Will we then continue forward, content in our own personal gratitude?  Or are we strong Enough to go the distance necessary to secure a better world for our children tomorrow?

There's a time coming soon, when the choice will no longer be ours at all.
And though it may seem odd to many, my hope rests on those promises.

I cannot foresee the necessary global change of heart it would take to heal our wounds and alter our course, happening in a world that has closed it's heart to the Only One who can mend the broken-hearted and bind up our wounds.

The time has come world, to ask yourself, in what - or Whom, you will believe.
For I as much as my Mother's Heart weeps today, I know - though Heaven just got a little bit louder and a little more precious, and though He has gathered these little souls close: God is weeping too.

For who else would also know the utter pain of watching their child experience all the horrible violence of this world?   Who else could know that, and still love us Enough: lost and broken as we are.