Can you believe it --- 5 more sleeps!
I'm so excited!!    I've been very good this year ;)

Speaking of good; awesome actually.   Did you know our lovely host has been brushing elbows with the famous lately?   Seriously.   And I cannot imagine, after all Sandy threw at her, anyone more deserving of such incredible goodness coming her way.

And she wrote all about it:  Check it out HERE.

Although I must confess, at first I got a little "lost" on Katies' site, and wound up having to watch about 6 videos featuring Hugh Jackman.

Honestly, the things I will endure to help a friend.

Can I just say, Katie-freakin-Couric is pretty freakin awesome!   I mean, if I had been in that audience, I would have been freaking my freak seeing all those wonderful gifts.   Let's be honest; she had me at the Coach handbag.
(Although Hilary.....totally can make myself available for that cruise if you need some company.  Mother's Day and all, ya know.  haha  Sorta.)


This week’s statements:

1. When I am in a very, very  bad mood (yes, it absolutely happens)  I need to just vent and Get It All Out.   It won't likely be pretty, you probably won't be able to repeat some of the words, but 2 minutes later - I'll be just fine and will  have moved on.   On the good side -- something really, really unspeakable has to occur to get me that mad.    I have Irish heritage, what can I say.

2. When I can't sleep at night I tend to wander around the house.    My legs get restless and I have to pace and stretch or I won't be able to get back to sleep.    Any remedies dear Readers?

3. If I could donate a ton of money to a charity it would be to some kind of Kids/Teen Help Center because I believe if we can help troubled children and teens before they reach adulthood; we won't have so many troubled adults.
Who tend to have kids who become troubled teens and then grow up to be.....well, you get it.
Cycle - Meet Stop.

4. I like to visit Homeschooling blog(s) because honestly, it amazes how mother's are able to do this.  I am always looking for tips as to how they get their children to do their homework.   Wait.....I guess it's all "home" work for them....ya know, since they're at
Ah yes, clearly I'd be an astounding Example of Higher Learning to my children.

But really you all know I'd visit All The Blogs if I had the time. 
You're all just so creative and inspiring!


Seriously Santa Baby -- I've been awfully good all year. 
Perhaps some tickets in my stocking?