Let`s take a break from all things poetry, shall we?
That is, after you check out how my blog starker returns in prose form.
The prompt was "Hero-Villain"...it was a no-brainer:  the kids made me do it.

So the other night, I was trying to catch a few moment's of peace and quiet; hiding in my bedroom after dinner while the kids played quietly ran amuck about the house.

You'd think I'd learn; of course they found me and decided to snuggle up for quality cuddling time.

Kind of like mama cat trying to sleep while 3 frisky kitties jump all over her.
Which gave me a great idea!
Funny cats to the rescue!   Proven to entertain children for those few extra minutes mama needs to find her sanity.


Source: lolsnaps.com via Leslie on Pinterest

But nothing, Nothing gets my kids laughing out loud till they pee faster, than Grumpy Cat:

Source: rcsmag.com via Angel on Pinterest

We now return you to your regular scheduled happy and fun life.


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