As Canadians, we have a love/hate relationship with the cold.

It can be a big pain in the butt; especially when along with it comes several inches of fluffy white wonderland nuisance.

Also, back pain from shoveling.
Because after 3 babies and C sections that is my strongest feature.
(that was in sarcasm font in case you are wondering.)

However, along with national bragging rights regarding our brave extension of the BBQ season, it does bring opportunity for all the fun winter sports we love.
(That would normally be hockey.   Again, sarcasm font.)

Wordless Wednesday is the perfect chance to illustrate this concept in pictures:

Frost be can be beautiful!

And intricate and delicate....

And bright with colour too!

And yes, cold.  bbbbrrrr....

But also.....FUN!

Pica, Pica!

Isn't this how your children practice their cursive numbers?

Special thanks to Monkey Boy for decorating my vehicle.

Because simply driving a mini-van is not enough of a coolness suck.

 Seriously......can we not get someone working on that sarcasm font?


Go see Hilary and wish her luck with a speedy "Sandy" cleanup.