Welcome to Tuesday Coffee Chat with Rory!

Last week was the American Thanksgiving, and I would just like to take this moment to say I am most thankful for all you who continue to join me for my weekly chat.

I truly am interested in all the opinions that are shared here each week.
You Are Awesome!

Okay....quick poll:    Who has their tree up?

 Um, no.   Not quite what I meant.

Try This:

I had to Google the above image -- and that should answer your question regarding my own Christmas tree.    Since we get a real one from a local tree farm, it is a bit early for us yet.

I prefer my carpet less crunchy and pine needle pokey toe.   Know what I mean?

My mom did bring me a lovely evergreen display for the front door though.

Aside from this, I don't have much in the way of holiday decorations up yet; which leads me to this weeks' topic.

Too Soon For Christmas?
My neighbour's Christmas lights are shining in my basement window. It's November 19th as I write this. Too soon? Are we exploiting the blessed holiday by extending it too long?
Or, so what! It's Christmas: the most wondrous time of the year! Light 'em up.

Personally, I have one rule regarding the above:  Please, Please, Please.....out of respect and to honour those who have fought, died and continue to fight for the freedoms we enjoy:  Not Before Remembrance Day.   Or Veterans Day for my American followers.   I just feel it's a nice thank you to our current soldiers and veterans that their special day has no competition.

With Canadian Thanksgiving being earlier than my southern neighbours,  I don't worry about that holiday.   But I generally do not put up any Christmas decorations prior to American Thanksgiving either.    Really, December 1st is plenty enough time for me.

Truthfully, I can't get organized prior to that date to even consider crawling back under my scary stairs to find the holiday decorations -- when I Just Came From There to get all the winter clothing.
And if you read my Monday Listicles post this week; you know we also just finished a big front closet renovation.

 Because blogging, child rearing, home organization, cooking, cleaning and writing a poem a day (Day 24 here  and  Day 26 here) for an entire month simply leaves me with too much time on my hands.  *insert sarcasm font*

In my own neighbourhood, people could be found outside this past weekend putting up their lights and setting up lawn decorations.   Since our town's Santa Claus parade was Saturday night, this seems entirely appropriate to me.   And I have to admit.....it gave my heart a little lift and brought a smile to my face to drive down our street at night and see some houses already lit up.

Course, some of my neighbours Really, Really get into the holidays:

 As I have uploaded these tonight, I just realized Left Brain did not get a picture of the house I really wanted.   These ones are actually not that bad - if you consider the one I had intended to show you.  Just picture about 30 giant, movable inflatable holiday characters crammed onto one lawn -- and you'd be close to the reality.    I will get a picture of that house this year!!

So it seems the pressure to create something holiday fantastical is on, in my little neck of the woods.
I added a sign beside my mom's gift:

Step Back....Imma goin crazy this holiday!!  :)

What's that you say?  Lights?
Oh, you silly people.
I live with a Left Brained person - remember.
The lights are never taken down from the roof of the house.  
C'mon, that's just practical.  *again, s'sly....Get Me A Sarcasm Font for Christmas*

Let's just hope that they actually turn on when we plug them in this week.

What about you?
Now is your chance to show off you holiday decor......Or, tell me if/why you are waiting to get your jingle bells ring-a-linging.

NEXT WEEK:    By the end of next week, we will be heading out to the woods, axe in hand, to find our family Christmas tree.   I love this annual tradition that always ends with hot cocoa by a roaring bonfire.   Share your favourite holiday tradition.  It can be one from your childhood, or one you started with your own family; or both!