Normally Sunday is my day to post my pondering of a spiritual nature.
Which is particularly easy since our church is so blessed to have an incredible speaker/sermon writer for a Pastor.

Wonderful as he is, I am not going to talk about this mornings sermon today.....  although, I am kind of touching on the same theme of "Building Bridges" that is so close to his heart.  

Do you ever wish that we could take back our cities for God?
Well, I at least wish that I could spread His joy around the world.

And each year, thanks to Samaritan's Purse Canada's: Operation Christmas Child.....I can.

Susi's Picture Perfect Weekly is a great opportunity to show you the boxes that my kids filled with all kinds of goodies.   They picked out everything at our Dollar Store -- and they are much better at staying within budget than mommy!

First, the box for a 5-9 year old girl:

And a box for a 5-9 year old boy:

It's surprising how much you can fit in a box!   Each box above contains some crayons, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, a toothbrush (you cannot send toothpaste), a bar of soap (not liquid), stickers, a pencil case, 2 small storage containers, a spoon,  a doodle book, and some kind of toy.   The girls box also has a hair brush and some hair accessories.

Cost to us?   $42.36
(although we also include the $7.00 delivery cost so that the organization does not have to spend it -- but that is up to each person.)
That's all it cost to make some child's Christmas.   We don't have a lot to spare this time of year, but even we can manage that amount.   And it is an important message to teach my children.

They also each completed an "About Me" page to tell the child who receives the box a little about the giver.    And then we pray over each box and for the unknown child who will receive our gift.

That's how easy it is to spread a little joy around this world.
You can also pack a box online, make a donation, or choose other gifts -- Go Here.

Finally, because it is a chance to show off our latest Instagrams/pictures, I couldn't resist a few of ZooZoo being....well, ZooZoo.  
She also spreads joy wherever she goes.   Mostly.

she LOVES walking in the woods

And this night sky shot I captured as I exited my children's school after Parent-Teacher interviews.
Because, afterall, we all see the same sun, same moon, same stars:

the funny thing you don't see:   the cows grazing in the field that is all black because my iphone does not have a flash

Sorry Susi.....I didn't get any shots of myself in the picture this week.  Maybe next time.

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