That post title is not today's poetry prompt.

Although, that would make things much easier!

Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this challenge.  But they were not aw-guffing when they said "challenge."    My brain is starting to wilt me thinks.

No Kidding.
I fell asleep while singing "Soft Kitty" to my son tonight.
It's only a 4 line song.......The heck?

Anyhoo, I had missed one day of my challenge because I couldn't access the site until almost midnight.   I make it a note to never write poems after midnight.  

I have children that wake up in the morning, and too late nights only lead to Regret.For.Breakfast.

Moving on.

Day 25 - Sorry I Missed Thee:
Today’s prompt comes from Cameron Mathews.
Here’s Cameron’s prompt: Write an opposite poem. That is, write a poem with the opposite perspective, conclusion, or form of a prior poem in the month.

Well, since we are on the topic of early mornings......

Morning Fantasy 

the mid-morning light explodes across my face
as I lay here awhile in this warm, quiet place
the rise and steady fall of breath by my side
the quiet spell breaks into waves I languidly ride
lulled by the rolling pace, I drift once more
till awakened by a perky sound coming from ashore
slowly I rise and with a lazy, long stretch
pj clad sauntering down the hall for a cuppa to fetch
with steaming mug in hand, I step out to the deck
to be warmed by drink and sun, and my email to check
sometime, much later, a refill is brought
a question is posed:  pancakes, eggs - bacon!  why not?
time passes slowly, as together we brunch
at this pace I may even finish a blog post before lunch
the day is so peaceful; so quiet and still;
I'm now at a loss with all these hours to fill
as I sit in sun basking, the thoughts become odder ----
why, without the kids around - I got no blog fodder!

Yes, that absolutely represents the opposite of All.The.Mornings.

Day 26 represents a more realistic morning story - read it here.

Which brings us to our current prompt:  Day 27

This month’s final two-for-Tuesday prompt comes from Paula Wanken.
Here are Paula’s prompts:
  1. Write a hero poem.
  2. Write a villain poem.

Write about a hero and a villain....on this blog?
Why, whoever could I write about?  
Don't minions settled the deal straight away.    And thus you should know what is coming.
I'm very sorry.  Again.

The Love You Know

Once there was two orphan boys, 
who grew up quite alone;
without sibling, nor friend
nor home to call their own
till they came to a magical school
that would be their first real home.
(despite an imperfect pedigree)
And by the words of a hat who sorts
discovered they had a destiny
beyond the potions, spells and sports.
So they learned some dark arts
and conversed with snakes....(also, Snape)
found respect for a great wizard
while a Prophecy sealed their fate,
In a Chamber of Secrets, a riddle's revealed -
but both have deep wounds to tend,
and neither one will yet yield.
Just one lonely boy against another ---
but there: the similarities end.

One gathers dark powers, followers and souls
and brags of the deeds his foulness extols
he speaks not of love, and kills with a curse
summons his minions, and sacrifices them first
though his magic is dark, and his power strong
he cannot defeat, what he's lacked for so long
too late he discovers, as twin cores clash
and last sins appear before him in a flash
to hold him at bay and assist his foe
while flying curses set a graveyard aglow
He Who Must Not Be Named, stands alone by the grave
While the Boy Who Lived, escapes with the boy he couldn't save.

The hero has something: so much more than a scar
though it doesn't burn, it's power too leaves a mark
too have been loved so deeply, though the person is gone;
with Love's last sacrifice, the protection lives on.
And on that example, our hero chooses his tract
while the Dark Lord only uses, by faking the act
The Power of Love, The Absence of The Same
can make all the difference - no matter the name.
So, neither can live, while the other survives:
one cheats Death - to what will the other one strive?
He too will beat Death, with a gifting of three;
and sacrifice himself, so his friends can live free.

Now the battles' begun, and blood will be shed
though the Dark Lord is weak, the snake isn't dead
but his minions are fleeing - while our heroes defy
and the Boy faces Death, with his head held high
A Dark Lord is vanquished, by the thing he knows not
A soul divided cannot rise again; it can only rot.
And our hero is saved by the knowledge he gains:
That real love never leaves us; to the end it remains.

That very well might be my masterpiece.

Not quite sure what that says about me.
But, I have missed ya DanRad.   Welcome back.