It's been a long day.
Another day seemingly without end....especially since this Hump Day ended with me taking my 3 children swimming.
Swimming.  Alone with 3 kids.   Only one of which can actually swim.
From 7 pm to 8 pm.  
Bedtime in this house is basically by 8 pm.

Can you see where this is going?
Awesome!   Let me know, eh -- because I am too tired to see.
The circle never ends.

Segue cued.
Today’s prompt comes to us from Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz.

Here’s Eleanore’s prompt: Write a circular poem. It could be a poem about circles, or about a circular concept, or about something shaped like a circle. Or it could be a poem with a circular format, in which the end of the poem somehow connects directly back to the beginning of the poem.

Due to extreme fatigue, I am merely "playing poet" tonight.   No poetry appearing within this post should actually be considered "true poetry"; but rather works in progress.

That's my disclaimer and I am sticking to it.   

 So, when tired and out of wine doubt, HAIKU!!

a bright golden sun
floating over the water
the night is over

a full quiet moon
glowing against the night sky
night is beginning

Not sure you'll thank me for these Tankas:

a question was posed
before the clock struck midnight
the future unknown
as love came down, the answer
revealed in a plain gold band


just before midnight
a pale moon paints the night sky
wandering circles
footing is finally found
as clock chimes cheer on the sun

I am sensing a theme here concerning night, time and moon.  
Pretty sure it is directly related to the fact that at this time of night -- I can see the moon perfectly while I lay in bed.
Which is also where the sun greets me each morning.

See how I did that --- Full Circle.