Tonight is a very important night in the USA.
Which means tonight is a crappy TV viewing night for myself as a Canadian. *side eye*

Part of the downside of sharing more than a border with such a powerful nation.

But don't take that to mean I don't care about the election today -- I care very much.   Think of it as wanting the best things for your best friend: you hope and pray that they choose wisely in life.  Because their choices, and the consequences of those choices, often have lasting impact on your own life.  
As their closet friend, it pains you to see them travel down the wrong path.   To see they come to harm; whether by storm, terror.... or the self destruction that can only be born from greed.  You pray that they would be safe from such things.    Not because you are selfish --- well, I guess it is kind of selfish.....

Doesn't everyone want a good friend to travel the journey of life with them to the end?
I hope and pray you choose wisely tonight my American friends, but most importantly:  Make A Choice!   Vote!

That being said, I know very little about American politics, but believe me, it's not from lack of trying.   I've been researching lately this whole Red State, Blue State....jeepers, Purple State?    If that is not vexing enough....there is Nebraska smack in the middle - a solid black.  The hell? 
Which is Democrat, and which is Republican?  And wouldn't you know it, you tricky buggers, you switched it all up after the nightmarish mess of 2000.  When I watch debates and read the news, it seems to me that not all Democrats are Liberal, and not all Republicans are Conservative.... it all depends on their view of fiscal policy.   

Honestly, I am not sure I know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat because these notions of "liberal" and "conservative" have become so confusing.   Maybe an American reader can tell me:   is there any difference at all between the Red and Blue.....and why can't these Purple States commit to a colour?  

Finally, dear Americans, if you think your political arena is so vexing -- be grateful you don't have to endure it in 2 languages.   Last time I checked, no State ever threatened to separate when it didn't get it's way.    (and if you were born in the belle province and take offense to that:  easy.  Pardon moi:  "Whoa le":   The French people - Je t'adore!!!  it's the Politicians that make the mess of things.)

Now there is a reason for all my political ramblings tonight - besides the election.
The poem prompt for today has a political implication.   But I didn't actually go that way -- you know how I hate to be vexed.
I much prefer cheeky.   Click the link to find out if I am right, or left, of centre.

Today’s prompt comes from a long-time Poetic Asides poetry dude (and super nice guy), Walt Wojtanik.

Here’s Walt’s prompt (a Two-for-Tuesday prompt) which is actually two prompts:
  1. Write a Left Poem.
  2. Write a Right Poem.
Umm… With today being Election Day in the States, there are, of course, political implications to Walt’s prompt. If you go that route, please be respectful of conflicting views (it’s about the poetry, not the politics, on this blog). If you decide to go the directional route, then be respectful of people with two left feet or who are always right, especially people who are always right who happen to have two left feet.

Don't Be Bringing No 2 Left Feet 'Round Here

Left of centre
Right on time
front step, back step
turn on a dime

not time to think
just feel the beat
the rythyms' got you
now move your feet

let your body sway
movin to and fro
hold me closer baby
now bring it sweet and low

hearts pound the tempo
rapid breathe sets the pace
now slow it down baby
it's a dance - not a race

back to left of centre
hit me one more time
y'all feel alright now baby
surrender to my rhyme.

Ready to return to where I ponder dark and dreary yet?
Let's see what Day 7 prompt brings.