Have I mentioned that in addition to this poem a day challenge, we are currently renovating our front entrance?

over-extend much?
ya, ya...granted.

I was kinda hoping todays' prompt would be some kind of rant, or lament regarding the hanging of wallpaper.

Because I think I am over my head...or up to my head.
Or the glue has gone to my head.
Suffice to say, I might be in too deep.

meh - close enough.

Today’s prompt is from Amanda Fall.

Here’s Amanda’s prompt: Write a deep poem. The deep end of the pool. Six feet deep. Archaeology. Whatever you write, just dig deep.

In Too Deep

floating in a a luke-warm salacious sleep
it bubbled forth from somewhere deep
with a jolting pang it ushered in
the aching, growing sense of sin
that cloak of ignorance, now in shreds
a too-bare garment of angry threads
I push and pull the tangled knots
while the fickle Fates are casting lots
The Great Veil Is Rising!
while whispering sweet nothings so chastising
I tumbled backward, further into the deep
"Be quiet stirrings - I'm trying to sleep!"
and in the midst of drifting softly down
away in endless flight I drown
as the evening star melts away
the fluff of wishes floats astray
and lost within this restless dream
mounts in my soul a silent scream
too long I've lingered - and rolling the dice
slip amorously into the Abyss; and pay the price.

Mmm. yeah.
Something tells me that was not about wallpaper At All.