How's the turkey tasting y'all?

I wants it.
I may even need it.
Because you seriously would not believe how many pieces of Twizzler's I just scarfed down while writing me poems.  

Absent minded chewing much?
It just tastes so good in your mouth!!  Ya know?
Thank goodness licorice is Fat Free!!  *side eye*

Speaking of thankful, I’m thankful for today’s prompt from Brenda Bishop Blakely.

Here’s Brenda’s prompt:  Write a paradise poem. What is your idea of paradise? Is it a person, place, or thing? Maybe it is an idea which changes like weather changes. Is it simple or complex? It can be what ever you want it to be. Create your own paradise! Perhaps it is even paradise lost.

Put down the phone
And the iPad too
Remain still
Also quiet
Deal with nothing
It will be okay.
Soak up the stillness

and the not so....

Place the plates
And silverware too
Red wine breathing
And pie warming
Don't Sit Yet!
It's about to 
Start ringing;
Every d$mn night...

Later and Later
Oh, the insanity
Stop! Please, no
Telemarketers during dinner!

 and where it would all go down...

As I Wish Seaside

there will be sun
and definitely sand
hot upon toes
until they dip in the cool sea
the rum always tastes sweeter
poured in a coconut shell
don't forget the mini umbrella!
the air will be hot,
but not heavy;
as the salty sea breeze
offers a cooling caress
Here I will lounge.
My hand raised to shield this hotter sun:
all the better to see the game -
"he's got a nice jump serve."
Bump. Set...Spike
a well known rhythm
to which I used to dance.
But for now I am content
to sit awhile
and simply Be.
Soon the sun will dip low;
and the breeze too cool upon
sun-kissed bare skin
Maybe tomorrow I'll join the game.
Perhaps after a morning dip,
and a sea-side brunch.
These days are mine -
 to fill as I please:
to do as I wish.
It should be paradise, but I - 
Wish you were here.

Funny how those ones just kinda spill out of you.