Day 18 may have stopped me in my tracks.

But tonight?
Tonight we Fly!
Today’s prompt comes from Madeline Sharples.

Here’s Madeline’s prompt: Write a “Wheel” poem: of fortune, ferris, bike, auto – any kind of wheel. Even a big wheel and wheeling and dealing will do.

Fly by Night

O' Adventure!
In the light of scented Twilight
I take the open road,
and seek out thy hiding place.
I bring no map.
Only warm moon and white line glowing
guiding the way.
My fingers tap a steady beat
upon the wheel
While tires hum a rhythm which awakens
the slumbering pines
so that twisted trees begin to sway
in the shadowed woods:
murmuring a ballad 
of my night flight.
How quickly shall the miles pass:
when the music is loud,
and the way is clear;
and the nights' too dark for looking back.

So that's my night flight fantasy.
My reality is that 4.2 seconds after hitting "Publish".....I'll be asleep.