The Poem a day challenge continues on!
I shall not be broken!

I may have actually spoken to my children in rhyming cuplets over the dinner meal.....some weird Seuss like maternal dinner rap about finishing their plates before they lunched themselves at the Trick or Treat basket.

Good news....I finally figured out how to stun them into silence.

Anyway, onto the poetry.
I don't always post them to the blog - sometimes I just post them to the comment forum for the particular prompt.   If  you enjoy poetry, and have some spare moments (who, who has that?  and why aren't they sharing?), there are some fantastic, talented poets over there!

So if you missed Day 12, where I create a new technology/gadget - find it HERE.

Today is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt, and they both come from Michael Grove.

Here are Mike’s prompts:
  1. Write a letter poem.
  2. Write a recipe poem.

 I got just the right note.

click to enlarge

 I do so consider that the perfect recipe for getting some much needed Mom"me" Time.