Grandma is in da house!!

Which should have meant that I had all the time in the world today to write my poem. And the truth is, I did have it done before noon, and posted it to the comments section of the host blog.

And then the day got away.
As days spent with 3 active children tend to do. No matter the ratio of adults to children.

Also, a budget meeting cum organize Sunday school classroom, and squeeze in quick discussion regarding the church Christmas program......and well,  there went the afternoon.

Still, don't feel too bad for me, I had a very nice time discussing all of the above with our lovely Pastor's was the Pastor and Left Brain who rounded up the 7 children we have between us and headed out for a nature walk.     While we arrived back to their home just in time for a fresh pot of coffee and some hot chocolate.

Call it divine timing if you will.   
It is what it is.....
......or something like that.

Today’s prompt comes to us from Linda Hofke.

Here’s Linda’s prompt: Since we have people all over the world (myself included) why not do a “use a foreign word” in the title of your poem or in your poem. Since many English words we use originated in other languages, it shouldn’t be too hard. Examples would be commonly known words or phrases such as (in German) Guten Tag and XXXXX, (in Italian) Arrivederci and Amore, (in French) a la carte, a la mode, au contrairea, (in Spanish) loco, siesta, or guacamole.

Le Sigh

morning has broken
and the babes unleashed;
loosed upon my world — also everywhere
while I muse silently
over java brimmed favourite mug
“can I escape this helter-skelter?”
but alas!
my reality is a staircase leading nowhere
for they will be, what they are
and what is time – even these small moments
of maternal savourings,
but a passing glimpse of eternity,
held like water through my hands
and yet a confusing contradiction
for I find such antics amusing
and life is too short for why, why, why
or to live in a silent, tasteless world
but atlas!
it is all truth – also tiring
to “hush”, or let them be
coffee grows cold as the day lengthens
le silent sigh loosed
“it’s not so bad being doomed to a useful life:

que sera sera

Thank you to all those you are following along with this challenge.    I know it is very different than the typical Time Out posting, but I must say that I am really enjoying it as a change of pace; and I very much appreciate that some of you are enjoying it too.

Thank you!