Oh but it's been a long day.
Not a bad day; just a long one.

This poetry challenge, while very enjoyable, has had me up until at least midnight almost every night.

I didn't even post yesterday's on the blog....you can find it HERE.
It's not my best effort ever and has served to educate me that quite often...the ending is almost as important as the beginning.


Today’s prompt comes from Maxie Steer.

Here’s Maxie’s prompt: Take the phrase “How to (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

How To Watch A Movie
"A Moments in Time Poem"

Sometime, early morning
just after O'God'O'Clock perhaps
but between warm milk
and lukewarm coffee
but definitely before cereal:
you notice: "we're out of milk --
we'll have to go to the store."
you say to 3 sad faces 
but one will suddenly remember:
"you mean the one near the movie store?"
At which point, you will remember
There Is That Movie I've Been Wanting to See
"Yes - that's the one.  Shall we stop?"
3 Cheers for mom!
"but first - chores."
And just like that, good feelings gone.
Mid-morning and laundry folding,
toilet scrubbing and supervising
The Great Toy Roundup Of....like, Forever
but thoughts of soft couch cushions
and popcorn.....
reminds you 3 hungry kids in supermarket?
probably won't end well for anyone.
Lunch is served!
Now get happy tummy children in van
(after clean out all the garbage from last trip.
Also, bike in trunk.)
And we're on the road.
3 cheers again!
Upon arrival at movie store
distract kids with giant gumball machine
so you can find your movie,
then choose one for kids unable to protest
through giant gumball sweetness
Quick!  Grocery store before the sugar crash arrives
("Clean up aisle 4!  Also....dairy!")
I said touch nothing!
Back to van, back to home
Mommy juice, mommy snack
Mommy.....I can't kill the troll on my 
Lego Wii Lord of the Rings game
Mommy I pooped!
Crap.  Fast Forward please.
Early Evening:  make the supper,
clean the kitchen, start the bath
Spare a few moments for shampoo Mohawks
then save Ariel from certain death
in the "whirlpool to the deepest trench in the ocean."
(note to self: Always check tub before pulling the plug.)
Stories and lullabies, at half past good-night kisses time
and tuck them all in tight....
Daddy's home!!
I was this close.....
Here is where I lose time
in the mundane details of 
daily domestic life
who did this, who said that
and I picked up some milk on the way home
*side eye*
Late evening:  sometime after emails answered,
last laundry folded and bills paid
10:45 >  PLAY
wake up for closing credits.
Tomorrow....we'll do it all again.
Because that's how you watch a movie
when the kids still live at home.

Also, True Story.