So here I am, ready to brag about all the things I have learned this past year, as directed by my List Master Stasha; and right away, I have to make a confession first.

I'm not actually a poet....I just play one on my blog.

That Poem A Day Challenge I have been rocking?    Day 18 Grade = "F"
(I actually just gasped and almost choked on my wine water.   I've never got an eeee...fff..F before!)

Well, they served up a dozy of a challenge today.
A Glosa Poem.  
Shoot me in the leg and call me stumped!   I got no clue.   And thus, there is no way I can produce one of these in a day.   

Well, I could, but then my children would probably be quite mad at me for not feeding them, driving them places, and fetching lost things for them.

But this is not defeat!  I will do that Glosa thingamabobdohickey poem. 
Just not in day.


1.   Well clearly, it must be said:  I have learned not to fear really hard writing challenges masked as prose fun.
Again I say, Defeat is not an option.

2.   I've learned I do have somewhat of the flair for the dramatic.
     No seriously.....but you probably didn't notice that, right?

3.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my toddler, ZooZoo, for teaching me that even though she is a "big girl now" at age 3, that does not mean that I can trust her in the care of her older brother and sister, and take a few extra minutes in the shower.  That simply translates to a few extra minutes of destruction and chaos on her part.    And blind ignorance on the part of her older siblings.


4.  I've learned the best weight loss secret ever!!   Just give away All Your Clothes!  Your body will instinctively know that it must fit into those pre-baby jeans stashed away in the dark corners of your storage area.   Who knew right!?

5.  I've learned that  Woe Unto You Daughters Who Have Sassed Your Mama....for it shall be delivered back unto you.....twofold.

6.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my eldest (8), Monkey Boy, for teaching me - in no  uncertain terms - that I am a complete lame, dork on any gaming platform.   Major suckage am I.

In my defense;  I went outside as a child.

7.   Truth:   Good things eventually come to those who wait.
       Or nag, maybe?   Probably that.
      This year:   an eReader, a new laptop, and finally....a smarter phone.
Again, in my defense, previous gifts included a Dustbuster and a Bread maker.

Perhaps Left Brain should make his own Learned list?

8.   I did a blog redesign and I liked it! 
(And I am glad you did too...because, it.)

9.   If you go to a  Blog Conference and spend lots of money: take really good notes, talk to a lot of brands, Tweet until your fingers bleed, and meet some really great people ----  it does not necessarily mean you will also learn how to make money on your blog. 

And after seeing what it probably will take to make that happen -- I've learned to be totally okay with it. 
A blog's a blog no matter how small ya know.

10.    I can write.  I can really write...good.   I mean, well.   whatever. 
         At least, The Huffington Post thought so.

Which just actually means: no matter life's curve balls, or challenges faced -- always believe in yourself.    If you've been given a gift --  don't hide your light: take a leap of faith and let it shine.