I am buried under poetry, music and lists this Monday.

Normally, this might have me licking the coffee grounds out of used K Cups in an effort to "stay the course" and not falter.

And I will not falter.    I will not admit defeat.

You ask, "how's she do it?  What's her secret?"

I'd tell you.......but well, then I'd have to.....um, you know.

 Our ListMaster, on the upcoming occasion of 50 Year of Bond has given us the following prompt:


Well, I confess, I don't know much about James Bond, or even other spy movies.   I watch them.  I just don't pay enough attention to memorize useless trivia facts, theme songs, gadgets, or even learn how to be a Secret Agent.

Or Do I?
10 Ways Being a Mom is Like Being  a Secret Agent

1.  Survive torture without naming names and giving up state secrets?   Please -- ever breastfeed with cracked nipples?  Had a baby give a good yank on your hoop ear-rings?  Um...gave birth?
      Bring it on bad guy.

2.  Also, multiple Dora viewings AND the live show.   Don't.Even.Bother 
     I still know all the theme song lyrics...you will beg to release me.   
3.  Stealth mode:  What?  Your chocolate brownies taste like zucchini?   Can't imagine why that is.  And I'll never tell.

4.  Super Spy Gadgets?  HA!  I bet Mr Bond never had to figure out a Transformer toy, truck, robot.. (WTF are they?!) after hours of sleep deprivation.

5.   Security?  I defy any Super Spy to open  a Baby Gate when urgency, or death is on the line.
     Or at least a cup of grape juice being slowly tipped towards the beige carpet.

6.  Super Stealth Mode:  Look all you want kiddos -- you will never, ever find your Christmas     presents.

7.   Interrogation:  nobody lies, uses stall tactics or holds their breath in defiance longer than a toddler on a mission.   I've survived 3 of them.  I will break you.  

8.   What...the minivan?  Oh that....shut up.  I'm undercover.

9.    Coffee: milk, 2 cream...Stirred.   I will drink you under the table.

10.   Stealth Mode - Like.A.Boss    Can you stay still and quiet long enough for 3 children to actually give up on a game of hide and seek?  AND, still emerge quietly without them discovering your hiding spot.  AND suddenly appear with a snack tray so awesome they won't even remember you were hiding in the first place?     I thought not.

It's nothing special really.
I'm Mom, Just Mom.

Don't believe me?  
I even have my secret identity costume:

 Don't mess with the mom.