Good morning Monday!

Technically, it's late Sunday night.
Which is probably why that sounded so bright and cherry.
Had it actually been Monday morning, it probably would have sounded more like:

Get up! Get out of bed!  Get dressed - No, not that, put this on.  Hurry Up!  Eat, eat EAT.  where's your homework?  Where?   Go get it.   Put it IN your bag.....where's your sister?  What?  She doesn't have lunch today?  (crap.  put extra lunch in fridge, lunch.)  Ok, Ok, get your coat and shoes on, the bus will be here soon.  I don't know if you need mittens....step outside and see.   Well duh, of course it's's November.   Your mittens?  Probably where you left them.....  Well, look!   Your hat?  are you kidding me?  The bus.... the bus!  Okay, kiss mommy bye-bye.  No -not you ZooZoo.   Have a good day!   (close door, trip over hat and mittens left on floor.  crap)

I may be slightly exaggerating.  

It sure helps to be organized though.    
Betcha there's a list for that.

  Jessica Betke @jesseeb


1.  The Before Shot:   There was an awful closet and broken tiles when we first moved in.  No pic of that, thank goodness.  So we bought that wardrobe and put new tiles down.   This was when we were a family of 4.    Who knew adding one more could use up All The Space.   Time to reno.

2.   Wardrobe moved to master closet.   Meet Blank Slate.  Hmmm...that wall sure is boring.

3.   Here be me tartan!  Yes, I used wallpaper. (also, this is expensive - really expensive wallpaper: that I got for $8.00 because I only needed one roll for this small space.  It also peels off very easily; so they told me.  We're never leaving.)

The wallpaper looks much better Live.  My phone is not the smartest, camera wise :)

4.    Now, that's a tall space.   Let's add a high shelf.    I LOVE the stain I choose.

 5.  So far so good.   But still no place to hang you coat, or lay your hat.   Insert shelves thanks to living with handy Left Brain male person.   Yep....he made them all by himself.   Now, everyone gets a cubby space! 

the low bar is for the kids.....I'm not that short.
6.    Okay, so Left Brain didn't do it all by himself.   He had a "helper."  Sorta.
     (see her little Dora suitcase?  she can't wait to hang something!)

 7.   I know...kinda boring so far.  But honestly, it's just a little front entrance.  Let's get those finishing touches back in place, shall we?

 8.   A little something from my sister when we first moved in:

9.   Now comes the really fun part.   Sorta.   Put everything back.

 So, yah.   This may not be my most exciting Listicle ever, but it is one thing crossed Off My List.

We needed a better solution for our family.   This had been put off for so long because closet systems can be a major expense.   So the really exciting part is we probably didn't even spend $100.00 to do this entire closet.   The most expensive piece is the top shelf which is pine; about $60.   The middle cubbie shelves are just white laminate - some new, some we had around the house and Left Brain built it from scratch.  The clothing bar is actually some kind of plumbing pipe --- which is majorly cheaper than actual closet fittings.    I already had all the baskets for the cubbie spaces and my mom and I had made the flowers and other finishing touches the last time.

 The final touch will be curtains (I hate the sliding least the cheap set that were originally there) that I can pull across when I need.  Since you can see down into this space from our eat in kitchen; it will be nice to have that option.

10.   My parting shot is from the Santa Claus parade Saturday night in our little town.  Left Brain took the picture.   I told ya.....I was getting me some candy!   It was bitter cold and windy....the kids may actually be frozen in place.  Except ZooZoo.....I think she has about 3 fleece blankets in the wagon.

It occurs to me that my cell phone camera roll is lacking in the excitement department.
I need to get out more.
Luckily, I can now find my coat, hat and mittens to do so.

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