Hey...look at us: We made it to Friday!

Woot.  Woot.

whoops, I don't think we are doing that anymore.

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This week’s co-host is Jessica from Black White and a little bit of pink – she came up with the last two statements!

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This week’s statements:

1. I have always dreamed of writing a book that will be read and adored by millions, thereby allowing me to finally purchase my very own private island, upon which I can spend my days alternating between talking long walks on the perfect, white sand beaches, swimming in the azure crystal surf, and writing that sure to be a best seller follow up.    Too much?

Also, annual beach party.  every one's invited!

2. My night owl writing tendency is my early morning downfall.

3. I love to listen to music - loudly when I clean the house.  I'd also love to say that I listen to a lot of music loudly quite often.....but really, we all know that would be a half truth of the previous statement.

4. I will never forget my first kiss on stage with (who I thought) was one of the cutest, sweetest boys in high school.  
No, No; that isn't entirely correct.   I remember his girlfriend sitting dead centre front row much better.   Hello StinkEye....relax.  We're Acting.  *pinky cross*

Thursday I headed to the mall to get a start on my Christmas shopping.
Well, I got half way to the mall, and then had to turn around to go back and pick a sick Monkey  Boy up from school.   Left Brain has also called in sick.   I am hoping that it is just the nasty cold it sounds like, and nothing worse.  

And yes, I did drop him off back home with daddy....... and headed back to the mall.
Also, I am available for that Mom of the Year Award whenever you want to Hand.It.Over.

Pretty sure I am going to get it anyway when they see what I got them for Christmas.


If  you are following the PAD Challenge:  Day 28 is HERE.

Have a great weekend!