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Since we have a rather "hot" topic this week, let's get right to it.
One "pro" I am most certainly not, is a procrastinator.
Recently I left a blog comment that while I never would make the personal choice of Abortion (thus I would be Pro-Life I guess), however; I do not feel it is my place to take away another womens' choice in this issue (thus making me Pro Choice). Which am I? If I defend a women's right to choose, am I condoning abortions? Or am I defending Free Will? 

Psalm 139

13 For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother's womb.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

15 My frame was not hidden from you

when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

16 your eyes saw my unformed body.

All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

 Isaiah 49:1

Before I was born the LORD called me;

from my birth he has made mention of my name.

It's no secret that I am a Christian.  I realize that many of you may not be.   And that's okay by me. I just wanted to show you the above verses so that you can see what our belief is based upon. 

I believe it is up to each individual to decide the truth of God's existence for themselves.  I encourage you towards that end.   As for myself?
I rather like the idea that someone created me for some special purpose.  That they knew me before I ever spent one day on this earth.  That they had a marvelous plan for my life.   And that they wanted to share the joys, sorrows and trials of that journey with me.  That would they would be there every step of the way.   Not to smack me back into line if I should falter...but to help me rise again and go forth knowing love can cover a multitude of wrongs.

To me, this is what sets us apart from the other mammals, animals and creepy crawlies that inhabit this earth.    We were designed for a purpose.   We were created in His image, so that we might also know Him.  Have fellowship with Him.   A dog, while a wonderful creation in its' own right, cannot be that.   So.....when you abort a child growing inside you?    It's not remotely similar to walking a stray, equally unwanted dog down the long hallway and through the one-way door.
(although that also breaks my heart.)

Besides that, I have felt the flicker of life growing inside me three times.  There is no argument you can present that would ever convince me I did not carry "life" from the moment of conception.  There is no science that can disprove what I already know; in my mother's heart.  No matter the situation, I would always choose Life.

And yet, I hesitate to use that word "murder."

I don't think using harsh terms for emotional impact will solve any debates, or create any kind of revolution.  I know my belief.  I stand firm upon my own convictions that God gave us a beautiful gift called Life.   However, I also know that He gave us another gift:  Free Will.

Because you know, loving someone because they made you love them -- is just not the same thing.

Thus, you also have a choice about what you will believe.  Whom you will follow.   What choices you will make in life.    I was accused of "condoning" abortion with my use of the word "choice".

No.  Just No.
I am quite certain that I can support your right to make a choice; yet, disagree in principle with the choice you make.

 Oh, and I am certain there are some other verses in the Good Book concerning judge not, hate the sin, not the sinner, ye who is without sin cast the first stone, etc. etc.

 Thus, until the day comes when either science, or some lawyer proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that life begins at the moment of conception, thus making any attempt to kill a fetus fall under the already present jurisdiction of "thou shalt not murder":   I will also defend the right for a woman to choose.   If God has not seen fit yet to take Free Will away;  who am I to try?

I worked in a Government Agency who's responsibility it was to track Abortion Clinics statistics.   I knew exactly how many abortions occur in a month per clinic across Canada.  I knew how many were first, second, third, fourth, and yes...even fifth abortions.  I knew how many were teenage girls too scared to be moms, or who have parents too ashamed to let the evidence of their sexual activity be seen.  I knew how many were woman in their 40's who thought their baby days were done, and did not want to revisit those times.  I knew how many were "other woman" to men who didn't want the evidence of their extra sexual activity to be known.  And yes, I knew the very small number  in comparison who were victims of sexual assault/incest.

All I can say is:  I know we have A LOT of blood on our hands.
And I can't help but wonder, if the researcher, doctor or scientist who was created by God to discover the cure for Cancer, was not a victim of our Right to Choose?

There is something else I know; because I have known women who have had abortions.
No matter how busy you make your life.  No matter how much stuff you try to plug up those empty spaces inside you.   No matter how much noise you surround yourself with to drown out the cries of shame, guilt and self-loathing.    Deep down in that quiet place, your Mother's Heart knows too.   Once upon a time, you too carried life inside you.  And you will not be able to run from that fact forever. 

So what to do with my contrary position?   I could spew wrath and judgement and hatred upon the world that does not conform to my beliefs or ideas.  But wouldn't that just be me putting more negativity into the world?   Does it make me angry that abortion exists legally within our country?   Yes.  Does it break my heart to think that any woman should be put in the position to choose between herself, and the life she carries?  Yes.
But I don't want to just be angry and broken-hearted.   That would not change anything.

I would rather use the passion I feel about this issue, to make a positive change in the world.  I would like God to stir my heart to action, because I have a holy discontent:  meaning I know this thing that is wrecking my heart, also wrecks His.  Thus, I trust He also has a plan; because I have not met anyone else who can make something good come out of tragic circumstances.

Here is what I would propose:
  • How about we stop heaping shame and judgement upon women who choose to live different lifestyles than we choose to follow? 
  • How about we stop treating young woman as if their entire worth was determined by whether they do, or do not have sex?   Better yet, let's encourage and promote a whole lot of self love and self worth -- before we even talk about their future Prince Charming.
  • Also, let's destroy that myth that a women's, especially a young womans', life is forfeit the moment she finds herself with child.   A little encouragement Does go a long way.
  • How about we start talking more about honour and integrity to our young men?  Perhaps then, one day, they will not hand over a wad of cash in attempt to rid themselves of certain responsibilities. 
  • How about we stop talking about babies as an inconvenience to our social calendars, our hopes, dreams and Wants?    Somewhere, another woman would feel blessed to have your "inconvenience."  
  • Let's call abortion what it really has become:  a simple solution to what is perceived by someone as a really big problem.   A form of birth control after the fact.  Stop debating the "what if" scenarios of rape, incest, health of mother to cover up the bottom-line truth that you Don't Want to Deal.   Just get on with it: Get rid of it.   For now, it is your choice.
I watched a very good movie called October Baby in preparation for this post.  The one fact I did not know was that Late-Term Abortion attempts can often result in a live birth. (more info here)  At which point, the fetus is still terminated.  (Although I do believe now in USA a law has been passed against this??)  This really stunned me.  This movie is about one lucky failed abortion attempts' true story.   I highly recommend it if you want to explore the issue further.  Or, you know....imagine what it might be like to have the child you tried to abort stand before you one day and ask "why". 

I realize that most of us know that with this freedom to choose comes great responsibility.
However, I would also really, really like the world to remember that with such freedom of choice, there also comes Accountability.   Some day.   If you believed that, you might just make a different choice.

NEXT WEEK:  As I type this post, my neighbour's Christmas lights are shining in my basement window.  It's November 19th.  Too soon?  Are we exploiting the blessed holiday by extending it too long? Or, so what!  It's Christmas: the most wondrous time of the year!  Light 'em up.