My poetry challenge is almost over!
It has been very inspiring.

However, for some reason I could not access the site today to get the new prompt, thus I am now one day behind.    Not inspiring.

Especially when I have been determined to see this through to the end.

Thank goodness it's Monday (said no one ever).... unless of course they were participating in Monday's Music Moves Me.

Always sure to inspire!

PhotobucketThis week's theme suggestion was submitted by Kayla @ The Electric Element

Head conductor of the Love Train is Marie of XmasDolly & her co-conductors are the lovely: Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked , Cathy Kennedy's Blog, and this month's honorary co-conductor, this month is Lucy from Lucy's Reality

I'm looking back for my inspiration this week.

First, one that got me through those teen years of angst.

One that I just can't help but singing out loud too.  Really loud.
("Kyrie, eleison" (or "Lord, have mercy")

This is a beautiful Christian song that never fails to remind me who my first love truly is.

And the song from "Fireproof" that reminds to keep that first love in my marriage....and we'll be just fine.  I highly recommend this movie to all married couples.  It's a game changer.

What music is inspiring you today?