Taking a break from all things prose, and hopping aboard the music train.

Although, I do kinda feel music is just poetry set to music.
That made sense, right?

I fear I doth have forgotten how one converses plainly.

I'm blaming it on these ear stabbing rhythms..... or rather, that I have been trying for 11 days now to write great poetry, with this kind or ear-rape occurring in the background.


November 12th: straight from our Spotlight Dancer Time out for Mom (best) kids TV show theme songs.”

One simply cannot ignore the one that likely started it all:

As if that wasn't torture enough on repeat, they felt the need to capture a whole new generation with this new "hot" ditty:

Thanks to still having a toddler in the house I am still subjected to all manner of kid show numbers;  Elmo, Backyardigans, Dora, Diego...all of which I have spared you - You're Welcome.

To know her current fave, we have to take a little trip:   2nd star to the right and straight on till morning.  Welcome to the new Neverland:

Angel Girl is currently dancing in her ballerina outfit, cowboy boots and ball cap (I don't get a say about how she dresses either) to this mysterious and busy tune:

I do have high hopes for my firstborn, Monkey Boy, who when asked regarding this musical prompt, choose this number -- proving Lego does indeed Rock!

As for my own.  Well, that was could actually be pretty easy; depending on my age at the time you ask the question.   When I was younger, it was the Scooby Doo theme song I could be heard humming.   And they have updated it to a more rockin version by Simple Plan.    

When the kids arrived, truth be told, I was kind of partial to the Backyardigans theme.
In fact, I loved the whole concept of the entire show.   Imagination,  adventure, musical interludes.....what's not to like?  Of course you may watch another.

But it all changed one day when we happened upon a little leaping lemur named Zooboomafoo.   I do apologize if you have this song stuck in your heads for weeks.   That is, after you have listened to it, willingly, about 136 times so you can learn all the words.

Listen close, and try to keep up, 'kay?


It's a really great show actually.   The kids can learn all about animals from 2 well educated and fun hosts.   And the lemur is hilarious.

Honest, I swear it's the lemur.