If you are following along, this is Day 2 of the Poem a Day Challenge 2012.

 Day 2′s prompt comes from Khara House.

Here’s Khara’s prompt: Write a full moon poem. The full moon might be a character or symbol in the poem. Or the poem might address what happens during a full moon: magic, mischief, madness, etc.

Do you have "a thing?"
I have a thing
Something I do, that if caught in that unguarded moment, might appear strange to outside eyes.
Yet for me, the moment offers.....something.   Or maybe nothing.    But still, I must do this thing.
I like to watch the moon.
You're still here, right?

Great!  If you are curious as to what I am thinking while gazing at the nocturnal orb, simply click below:

*this poem is actually reborn from a long ago blog post - found here.*

 Longing Under A Liars' Moon

The snow has finally ceased its' fluttering
a crisp white blanket which covers the summer toys
forgotten in Autumn's chilly haste
the moon, barely visible in its' lofty perch;
Full, yet shadow'd -- a Liar's Moon.
No help finding my way tonight.
My heart whispers upon the howlin wind
where deep inside this.....wanting....
a longing that won't be still'd
grabs hold and threatens to burn
still clutching the now wispy dreams
of a little girl gazing upon the First Star --
I wish I may....I wish I might;
as reflections fade within this crack'd mirror
and twilight welcomes the still shadows
I shiver with a chilly doubt amongst
the frost tipp'd grassy blades,
and long to be whole.
Can I be still enough, enclos'd in Winters' Fog
to wait for the season beyond?
When the first shy breath of Sun beckons
Hope in with its' warming kiss:
What shall become of that new day?
But it seems there are no answers tonight:
Just me....and that moon ---
and this longing, that ever burns.

What's your thing?