Okay, okay... I know I have been teasing you all week about that big SWAG pic in the sidebar and What Am I Gonna Do With All That Stuff?

It really is quite a bit of free loot.   You know why?

Remember back in my first post-conference post when I mentioned that I met Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism, and that she was soooo awesome, and wonderful and all around fantastic woman and just insert a hundred other good adjectives (I swear I was not the one who grabbed her bum!) and to expect gushing?

Well, you're going to think she is pretty awesome too....wait?  doesn't everyone already know how amazing she is?   If you don't, we might not be friends anymore.

Anyway, Sandra and I shared a hotel during the conference weekend, which is how I was lucky enough to be the one to receive Double The Swag!!   Since she could not take it back with her, and I mentioned that it would be nice to do a giveaway on my blog:  she gave me some of her stuff.

To give to you.
Well, not all of you.   One lucky you.

So, since Sandra is like all ultra fit, as if just being gorgeous and kind wasn't enough....

.....first one to do 50 burpees wins!! 

What?  You don't know what a burpee is?

Okay, good?   So off ya go.
Just submit video proof in the comments section.


No, no....it's really much easier to get your Treat:

1) Follow my blog (RSS, email, GFC)
2) Follow me on Twitter (@RoryBore)
3)  Leave a comment below.

*Since Sandra donated almost half of the items, although not necessary for contest entry, it would be really nice if you followed her Blog and Twitter too.)*

I am not putting a "reply to my email notification within 48 hours or I pick another winner" stipulation.  But clearly, if the winner does not respond within a couple of weeks -- I will choose another winner.

Giveaway Closes: Sunday, November 18, 2012 midnight EST.

That's it!
Good luck!

Click "keep reading" to see details of prize package.   

  • 1 pkg of Naosap Harvest Organic Wild Rice
  • 1 Pink Ribbon from the lookgoodfeelbetter.ca and facingcancer.ca campaign
  • 1 Taste of Nature Exotics Canadian Maple Forest Organic Snack Bar
  • 1 grey pen courtesy of Benjamin Moore 
  • 1 Ronald McDonald House GivingBands 
  • 1 insulated lunch bag courtesy of MooMoo Bar by Dairylicious (colour=green)
  •  1 grey Pashmina
  • 2 Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolour by Revlon (rum raisin and rich rose)
  • 1 Molson Canadian ladies sportshirt (white, size Large)
  • 1 box Duncan Hines chewy fudge brownie mix
  • "Rejuvenate" All Natural daily moisturizing lotion by Diane Lai  
**If the winner should reside within the Greater Toronto Area, I will also include a copy of the 19th Annual, "Help! We've Got Kids." book edition. Since this is a resource listing intended for the GTA area, it will be of no use to you if you win.....and reside in Texas.  Sorry Tex**