The pumpkins are carved.
The frightful decorations are set.

The candy....well, yes....there's still candy left.
 (a ghoul-time miracle to be sure!)

My costume is ready......ACK!
No peeking!!

Hint:   It won't be this:

 I made this with PicMonkey - you gotta try it.

You'll have to wait until another post to see the real costume..  

 Until then, enjoy some of our boo-tiful sights:

The sorta frightful front door

I handed the pumpkin carving duty over to Left Brain this year.
Because, well....he's left brain'd, and thus makes pretty quick work of pumpkin guts, seeds and Presto!  A face in 15 minutes!!

Whereas I am right....ahem, brain'd, and thus lean towards pumpkin carvings like this.
Which I must start cutting and carving on Thanksgiving.
(That would be Canadian Turkey Feast for you newbies.) 

Yes, that is in fact Tinkerbell carved in the bottom pumpkin

This seemed so appropriate on the Eve before Halloween.
Just peeking over the top of my neighbour's house ---  A Bad Moon Rising!

I have a smarter phone now.....but it's still not perfectly "bright".   Meaning, no flash.

And finally, you know it just wouldn't be a scary holiday if your fave celeb blog stalker didn't make an appearance.     My own child....turned against me. 
What spell do you think he's using on his mama?

 Have a  fun and safe Halloween everyone!

P.S.  Under the bag of frozen peas in the freezer is an excellent place to hide all those mini chocolate bars you are going to swipe when you "inspect" your kids candy.
They'll never think to look under the veggies.

P.S.S   It also works just fine on Left Brain'd people.   ;)

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