Or, Hey Little Blog: Show Me The Money! 

Do you often struggle to write engaging content on your blog?
Looking for web content tips?
Do you know what good website content is, and how to maximize your posts towards building a great website?
Did you know that better web content writing, can lead to more marketable blog content?

 Do you want fries with that?


Yeah exactly.  Me too.
Do you know what I just did in the first 200 words of my blog post?
Upon completing a search for the "most searched" words regarding Writing Engaging Content: I incorporated the top searched key words into my blog post title and opening lines.

You might be familiar with all this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lingo that promises your blog post will be found amongst search engines.   Essentially using certain words and phrases - which are searched frequently on the net - will make your blog highly visible.

Can you see me now?

This is one of the many things I learned at the ShesConnected Conference last weekend.
Well, kinda sorta learned.   I still can't quite get my head around it.   I am still unsure if I want to sacrifice my lovely linguistics for the sake of a higher rank on a Google Search.

It all seems rather....forced.   Transparent.
When I seek to be authentic and engaging.    More buzz words.

 You can give it a try HERE.
(type in your key word or phrase, choose "exact match" and hit Search.)

Fascinating non?

So I went to a blogging convention to see if it was possible that this little blog of mine could start making some money.   According to the data: yes, certainly it could.

All I have to do, besides let go of my unique creative voice, is meet with Brands (check), sip some lattes (check, check, check....you get the picture), listen to some fabulous speakers at very informative sessions (CHECK!)........and Tweet, Like, Retweet, Quote Retweet, until either my fingers are useless from the cramping, or the darn iPhone battery sputters dead.  Again.

Sometimes, it's a draw folks.

And don't get me wrong - it was so AWESOME.   It really, truly was.   I loved it.   The ShesConnected organizers, ambassadors and sponsors did an incredible job.  The Brands present treated us Royally!   I would most certainly attend again, and I would recommend others to attend at least once.

And yet.  I don't think the whole "paid blogger" deal is for me.

I don't want to live my life so connected to my laptop, or my iPhone that I miss the real world unfolding right around me.   I don't want Reviews, and posts about sponsors to take up the valuable space that should contain my engaging content.    Even though I just learned the exact opposite should be done to be a successful blogger

I don't want to go to dinner with fabulous friends and feel the need to check my email, my tweet feed, my Facebook likes, my blog stats, my text messages, or take a picture of my dinner for Instagram (ok, sometimes that is fun) because I Might Miss Something.

I want to connect.  Inspire.  Encourage.  If I must be so digitally connected, please let it be to touch others lives with the words I wrangle.    Will a blog post about the improved squeezable softness of toilet paper, while informative and Oh My Gosh - it is sooo soft -  serve that purpose?  

I am vexed.   You know how I hate to be vexed.
What if the brands who I've handed my business card and media info come calling?   Will I be strong enough to say "no"?   Or is it actually possible to find some kind of balance between my authentic, engaging content; and the odd review or sponsored post?

I went to the convention to learn how I could make money with my blog.   And I must agree with my fantastic, supportive and wise roomie Sandra:  I still don't really know how to make money from blogging.

Thus, I guess I will have to remain just Rory, Who Blogs (or Les; if you're new here).

Still slightly poor at being found:  although, not all together Lost.
P.S:  What I do know how to do, because my mama raised me right, is Share.   I got a lot of loot folks.  You like free stuff, right?   Stay Tuned - an upcoming post will tell you how to score some Swag.

Linking up with Brenda, who clearly has a great mind because her Pondering Topic is:  Content!
Honestly, we didn't plan it.