It's good to be back again!
The minions were not at all happy about letting mama out of her Time Out.

Like they had much choice in the matter.
Especially since only I knew the whereabouts of  Mini Lego Harry and Frodo.

And was the only one who could reach the box of Girl Guide cookies at the bottom of the freezer.
Motivation.   Not unlike bribery sometimes.
Anyway, mama definitely needed to be forgiven and released so that she could attend a Women's Conference at my church this past Friday night, and all day Saturday.   (not the ShesConnected Conference - that's next weekend.)    Our theme was "Connections"; and connect we did!

It also marked the very first time I publicly gave my Personal Testimony of Accepting Christ.
Was I nervous?
About talking?   Stop  laughing.
No, public speaking doesn't make me nervous at all.     Yes, I know you are not surprised that I could yakety-yak in front of thousands of people.

I was a little nervous that I might not be allowed back in the church once some things in my testimony were revealed.   Some of it ain't pretty; and by that I mean, I don't come off looking too good.

Not perfect - just forgiven.  Remember that.

Anyway, there were some other courageous souls who also shared their story.    A lot of laughter, tears and prayers were shared over coffee and goodies.    It was an amazing time of fellowship and spiritual encouragement.

Obviously I cannot share anothers' testimony here on my blog - and I will get mine posted up somewhere in the near future -- but I did want to pass along a little tidbit from one of the ladies amazing stories.    One of the interesting things I discovered was that even though we were from different generations, different stages in life, and had different experiences;  really, we are not all that different.    We all share the same worries, fears, doubts...along with the joys, in our womens' heart.   And no matter what you are going through - I can assure you, someone has already been there.   You are not alone.

One elderly lady was also a Stay at Home Mom, and I don't think she would mind if I shared this one sentiment:   she often felt bored and restless:  "Stuck at Home."    She had pity parties from time to time during this struggle of accepting that season in life.    She questioned "who am I"; besides mom to these kids and wife to this man?    And I so appreciated her honesty about that -- especially since she was of the generation I assumed were happiest in those roles.

What got her through that season?   How did she come to define herself and feel whole?
She shared this Chinese Proverb:

Bloom Where You Are Planted.

Oh yes.  That.
It so resonated with me.   It really opened my eyes to that fact that right now:  this is where God has placed me.   And it's where I need to be.   Not just for my children, but also, for me.   So that we all may grow and flourish together.

Why must the nail ever try to escape the hole?   Stop wiggling already and hold fast to the place where God has set you.

Was there ever a time in your life when you were longing to have a mentor to guide you?
Have you ever been a mentor to another?

Don't be afraid to go beyond the "hi, how are you", and really connect to each other.