Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!
I'm sorry.   That's all the muster I got this morning.

Turkey coma ya know.

We cooked, they came, we ate.....and drank; and I doubt I will fit into those smaller jeans any longer.
I wish I could serve y'all a big plate of leftovers, because - boy do I have them.

Also, turkey soup.
It's forever.

Yes, I do need a hero today and his name is Mr. Foodie.   

 My gracious thanks to those who linked up last week to tell me their favourite baddies.    It was so great reading who is the best, or worst, of the worst.

So this week, it's the good guys turn.
Because you know ----- it is said, they finish last.
Or maybe, it was "save the best for last".   Probably that.

So due to my wine and turkey coma in the interest of time, I will not discuss both my literary and film favourite.  Instead I will pick a "crossover" hero; meaning they were first in a book, but a movie was also made.   Can you guess?

Should I keep you in suspense?

Oh fine.  You know I'm totally going back for thanksgiving seconds, dontcha?

But first, peruse the montage while I go grab a snack (click to enlarge):

(starting top left:  Gladiator - Russel Crowe;  Jack Traven/Speed - Keanu Reeves; George Bailey - Jimmy Stewart; Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford; Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamill; William Wallace/Braveheart - Mel Gibson; Rudy - Sean Astin; Independence Day - Will Smith; Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher; Clarice Starling - Jodi Foster; Superman - Christopher Reeves; Die Hard - Bruce Willis; Neo - Keanu Reeves; Atticus Finch - Gregory Peck; Ripley/Aliens - Sigourney Weaver; The Tramp/City Lights - Charlie Chaplin; Han Solo - Harrison Ford; Unforgiven - Clint Eastwood; the best bonds:  Sean Connery and Daniel Craig)

Did I miss anyone?
Certainly I did.   The list of heroes we love is long indeed.
In truth, doesn't nearly every book or film tell a hero's story?

But whose story is the greatest?

If you've been here and back again:   you should know my answer.

click to enlarge

Besides simply being one of my most favourite stories, I love the character of quiet, gentle, noble and kind-hearted Frodo.    I love that due to the ring's influence he becomes tired, paranoid, and short-tempered.   He is considered odd by most of his kind; largely due to his fondness for adventure and things Elf-related, much like his 2nd cousin Bilbo Baggins.

I even love that at the end, standing at the Crack of Doom - he ultimately fails and claims the Ring of Power for his own.   Wouldn't you?   I mean - its the ONE ring.   If not for the appearance of Gollum, how might the tale have ended?    Sam curses his name, but Frodo, despite being minus one finger as a result of their battle over the ring, still expresses compassion towards the creature Gollum.

Hobbit-sized, Frodo is not the image most conjure to mind when thinking "hero".   But as the Tolkien tome states:

Being a Ring-Bearer is a solitary task, and no ones isolation is more complete than Frodo.  Even loyal Sam cannot fully comprehend the burden his master carries; although he briefly assumed the duties of ring-bearer.  The marks left upon poor Frodo will remain long past the destruction of the ring.  He will carry the scars forever:  isolation remains even back in his beloved Shire.

Did you know that one of the names given to "Frodo" (by Gandalf in this circumstance) is Bronwe athan Harthad - which means "Endurance Beyond Hope."

That is the mark of all great heroes - they endure.  Long past the point when others would give up. 
Far beyond the moment when all hope seems lost and the end of all things is all that remains - they keep going.   Despite the cost ultimately paid.
Gollum?  Yeah - Frodo knows the heavy price of the burden he carries - yet his road goes ever onward:  There and Back Again.

Oh, and incidentally.  Mr Elijah "Frodo" Wood - self proclaimed Foodie.  
(how hobbit-like) And that fact alone pretty much gave him the edge today.
Seriously.....I got a lot of turkey folks.
2nd Breakfast anyone?

So, when the chips are down,  the mountain is high, the burden is too heavy:  who are you gonna call to see you through the end of all things?

NEXT WEEK"Dress Rory": Get thee to thy Pinterest Boards!  I have a conference in 2 weeks, and if you are up to date, am pants less -- What Will I Wear??  Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to find some great outfits for me to wear.  And guys:  I also have an 80s party and a 50 Shades of Grey themed party - so yes you can join in!  Have fun "shopping."