Uh-Oh.   Mama is in trouble.
Big. Time. Trouble.
Has History taught me nothing?
Never, ever ignore the wishes of the Little People!

The minions have made their extreme displeasure known, and have gone so far as to place mama in time out, AND hold her favourite K Cups hostage.

The cause of all this nasty business?

The first minion, who apparently can access this blog on his DS (the hell...why?) called out the alarm, and it was quickly received and carried post-haste by The Informer throughout the halls, until it was picked up by The Littlest Who until her cries joined her frantic, and disbelieving siblings.

All this commotion appeared to stem from something lacking in my Coffee Chat post on Heroes this week.   From the mourning and screeching, it appeared I had erred most grievously.   Particularly in the photo montage.   Go take a quick LOOK;  I'll wait.

Anyone, I mean of the VIP persuasion, missing?
Now in my defence, I did clearly state that I had left some heroes out.   It's a Long List folks!

Who's absence indeed would cause such revolt amongst the minions?

I assure -- he's been here BEFORE.
Indeed, there was a time I thought my blog had a bona fide stalker.  And a celebrity at that!
But he has been absent recently.
It has been brought to my attention that this Is Entirely My Fault.  

Well, he's been summoned now and there will be no turning back after such a slight.


But, but, BUT....I had Frodo - Elijah Wood!!  As my number one hero!  Doesn't that count for something!

"Mom!  They are 2 different characters -- you cannot substitute one for another!!"

Are you sure about that dear younguns?    I have evidence to the contrary (click to play video):

Give mom a break kiddos.   They both went on journeys, they both wear a cape, they both sought advice from a long-haired wizard,  they don't have much luck with giant spiders, and they both battled a dark Lord.   And ultimately their self sacrificing nature won the day!

Okay so one has a wand, the other, The Ring of Power; other than that, it's easy to get them confused.

They totally do look alike.   See:

Can you see the difference?

Harry....DanRad....darling.   you know I'll always have a place in my heart just for you.  But you're young, so young.  And there's so many blogs out there.   But Frodo, he was first.   And you never forget the first.   That just sticks.

I am so sorry I forget you in my photo montage dearest stalker Dan, and it does grieve me to admit the error of my ways.

.....but c'mon:   could you resist those eyes!?


Now, give mama her coffee back and everyone gets Christmas presents this year.
And mama promises to Ponder her oversight so that such awful History shan't be repeated.