It's not Monday again, is it?
I swear it was just the other morning that I was sleeping in while Left Brain got up and fed the children.    Time does fly.

Saturday, the kids were in Daddy Day Care - he had a special outing planned - while I was attending the Women's Connection conference at my church.   The kids had fun at a pre Halloween party at a local farm:  scary hay rides, corn maze, and junk food.     It's rare that they get to spend time with just daddy.  

And I was so proud of Left Brain.
Especially since he arrived back home with all 3 children.  

So this week will be a pretty busy one for me, as I do all the last minute things I need for my upcoming Conference in Toronto.   2 weekends, 2 conferences:  spoiled much?
Um, No.  It's the first time I will be away from the the 8 years since our firstborn arrived.
I think we can safely say:  Mama is Due some time away!

But first, this week, Imma gonna be making Lots of Lists.   So let's get right to the fun one, shall we?

Christine from Random Reflectionz has given us a great list assignment:


  1.  If you've ever read one of my tag posts, you know I wanted to be a cowgirl when I was little.

2.   Yep, it's true:  some things never change:

your wedding day is the perfect day for a ride!

 3.   I was pretty flexible as a child.

 4.   "I'm sorry, we are not able to show you all images, as they may be in violation of your Mature   Content settings.

5.    I spent most of my childhood running around barefoot.    One time at a horse show, a Clydesdale stepped on my foot.    My grandma gave me a slice of home-made blueberry pie.   I kinda felt better.

6.   I still would rather be barefoot......  I still have foot accidents.    I have no pie.  :(

It got much blacker and bluer. 

7.   When I was a child - I loved presents!!!

8.  Now that I am an adult: I know giving is almost always better.  No, actually, always better.

And if you don't think a little shoebox can make a big difference, watch this woman's story.
We got ours today and the kids are so excited to start collecting items.   The best way to teach to start at home.     Learn more HERE.

9.  I used to hate being punished when I was little.   That was back in the day when being sent to your room meant:  not to play with toys, or watch a video.  Maybe a book since reading was always encouraged, but otherwise:  stare at the walls and think about why you were sent to your room.

10.  Now, I have a little blog called "Time Out for Mom".....and I am very firm believer in Time Outs.
       My kids know;  I never bluff.

Zoo Zoo:  "It wasn't me."

Is it true: the more things change, the more they stay the same?
How has time changed you?