Hello from the Skydome bar!

To clarify, that was not a drunk tweet, post, or other rambling.
I can get free Wifi here.

 Okay, there may be a nice Shiraz present also.

My view:

the cheerleaders are practicing, but I knew you'd rather see the wine.  You're welcome.

 Just living up to the blog title folks.

So I am popping in for a quick update from the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto.   Basically, having a blast!!   I do miss you, honest.

Also, information overload.   Hence the wine timeout.
I have tweeted more today than in the past 3 months - pretty sure.

And my feet hurt, so even though I bought these super fabulous love my legs in them boots:


I am wearing my slippers.
I am all about the class.

I can't wait to give you a more in depth update about everything I am learning.   Like how great the brands like FordTelus and McDonalds Canada are treating us.
Swag.  I love you.

Or how many miles I can walk in those high heel boots, in the rain, on an empty stomach and how great Thai green mango salad tastes when you are a one tired, wet, blister footed mama!
(special thanks for the fine dining experience to my cousin Paul from The Kitchen.)

I am currently rocking, besides the ultra hip bedroom slippers, the coolest mink fake eyelashes you'll ever see you'll ever see from iLash me.     I am certain you can see my eyes from here.   Hopefully someone can get a pic of me wearing them.   Despite my accidental avatar, I do not excel at taking pictures of my own eye.    That was all Zoo Zoo grabbing mama's phone.

And oh my gosh!!!  I met Kate White!  And bought her book.   And she signed it.   And I totally blanked in this celebrity encounter and told her to sign "Rory."    It was completely worth it.   Expect a book review soon.


 Hmm, I think that is all for now.   I have so many great tips, blogging and PR advice to pass on to you --- I can't wait to share with you.   See, I really do miss you.

But I am having a grand time...and oh my gosh - tickle me pink and call me sweetheart:  you would not believe how frickin awesome, gorgeous and an absolutely genuine great gal Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism is.   Expect gushing.

I had 30 minutes to write this post.....and I made it.
See, told ya I was learning.