It's Monday again!

Also, my house smells amazing!

I hope you all know the depths of meme dedication this is.
To be pushing myself away from a table laden with turkey, dressing, gravy and all the fixin's.
And by that I mean wine.   And pie.
There must be pumpkin pie.

I have stepped away from certain foodgasm, to be here.
How do I love thee?

 How apropos.


Our Listmaster has requested a list of 10 Compliments. 
Either to ourselves, someone else, ones we love, ones we'd love to get.

1.   Clearly, I would be remiss if I did not include our esteemed ListMaster right from the start.  This day, I simply must give thanks to the Listicles for saving each and every Monday from certain disaster.   How lucky are we to have something fun to look forward to each Monday?
Stasha, I raise a glass of wine again Pumpkin Spice Latte in your honour.

2.  Also, our Listmaster is a brilliant photographer .....Proof Here.
(And if those of the Left Brain persuasion are lurking about, isn't the horse one great!?  Say as a Christmas present.)

3.  Today, would also be remiss I did not also pay compliments to the chef.
      That would be me.
     I opened the wine all by myself.

4.   Mom did a pretty fantastic job on the turkey though.  And the turnip/apple casserole.  Also, the cranberries.     
     I poured her wine.   I'm a good daughter.

5.   Awesome mashing of the taters honey.   I love it when you flex like that.   Wine?

6.   Hey, Susi from Boca Frau celebrated her 1 Year Blogaversary!  Go say congrats and enter her cool contest.   You might also want to check out her amazing Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes recipe, which I am pretty sure has made me fall in love with her.

7.   My soon to meet in real life gal pal, Sandra (is it awkward now since I used to refer to her as my girl-crush?) wrote the most amazing post this week.   Absolutely Narcissism?   Absolutely Frickin Amazin!   Read it HERE. 
Yes, go now.
8.  Um, thanks for coming back.   You Are Awesome.  Wine?   Turkey leg?

9.   Now this, is all about me.   Hence the blog title up there.    Did you hear I lost me pants?
      And found some.   Smaller ones.   I have to compliment myself on this miracle of the backside......since people still tend to rub my frontside and ask my due date.

10.   Finally......and always.   I simply must give big thanks to God:  for all the freedoms and blessings I take for granted.  For the love of an amazing family.  For wonderful friends to share the joys and trials of life.

But today my eyes are on His own beautiful art:

captured - the street where I live.

 And of course, I am so thankful for all of YOU!
You who visit my little corner of the blogosphere and leave me lovely, funny and touching comments.    Thanks to you, I have a full and grateful heart.

Blessings to all today, and to my fellow Canadians:   Get your Turkey On!

*If you need to work off that turkey dinner, check out my Music Monday post HERE.*